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Have you wondered what pledges cannot be missing in your closet? Young ASMODA gives you the keys to extract the maximum divided to what you have already and to see what you need. He takes note...
Have not you organized your closet yet? Well, these are some advices not to ruin you in the attempt and to go to the fashion every day. Bear in mind that our basic wardrobe includes a repertoire of basic pledges wider enough than that of the boys. We, also, make use noisily of our clothes, since we can do many and very good combinations with very few pledges. Let's go for steps:

1-Reciclaje: Look for all your pledges of last year and analyze them with attention. The blouses, for example, continue current those of sleeve lantern, but forget the casings and other frills.

2-Pantalones: Fortunately, there are the everlasting same. Although if you have dexterity, take the fork and press them hard of knee down so that they acquire air of leggings, type cigaret or put a tape to them in the ankle for abullonarlos, thus, they will receive boyfriends' aspect.

3-Chaquetas: Fundamental in the closet. A black woman of salvará of more than one situation and if type is a tuxedo, better than better. The skirts turn out to be cut in evasé, of pipe, so, already you see it, you have very much where to choose. Do with a black woman for the night.

4-Calzado: The shoe of heel of court lounge gains the garland. A few boots are essential to the knee in black, with a military touch, those of cowboy browns and the giltheads for holiday. As for the sandals, a few black women and others in your favorite tone that you will be able to combine with a skirt denim or a white pirate.

5-Bolsos: The purses take of all the sizes. Especially those of type portfolio retro gilding, those of Victorian velvet with metal mouthpiece and those of cloth of hangings, for the night, and the big-maxi - for the day. The colors go from the green kaki, the crude oil, the brown... up to rose or the black.

6-Chales: The shawls also are fashionable. In winter, of pure wool; in spring, type pashmina; and in summer, of intense colors in wild silk.

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