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new period...: what do I put myself?
For: Mercedes Barroso
have you already risen this question to yourself? It is not necessary to have an immense wardrobe to be able to combine with certain style and elegance, but a little of common sense and to accept that there is a type of pledges and of colors that we have left better than others.
This question has turned into a question of such importance between the young people, that today there is already the whole business mounted about the advisers of image, or fashions consultans, that they deal with determining, according to the personality of every whom, a special look emphasizing all the strong points and hiding the dweebs.

But if this option escapes of your possibilities, young Asmoda proposes a few advices to you so that you bear in mind if you want to be adapted in all occasion:

- In the daytime the black avoids. This period the colors pastries offer infinity of tonalities to choose.

- To go to work, not at all of fitted or transparences. It is necessary to privilege the serviceability with shirts and pants, with shoes of intermediate heel. Soft makeup and calm hairstyle.

- Those who have bust great, in principle, must choose a good bra and shirts pay share in V to clear the neck.

- In case of not being able to acquire new clothes for an event, the best solution to be fashionable is there put themselves the everlasting suit combined with shoes and portfolio of the last period.

- In a closet that boasts there must be basically two suits tailor pants or skirt, a pair of jerséis combinables with the suits, two blouses, three or four pants of different styles and some other skirts.

- To hide the belly it will be necessary to avoid the use of flexible genres.

- Those of wide waist must choose free pledges that become alienated from the body. The key is to highlight the hips with skirts, belts and pants that they rest on this sector.

- If you like the blouses or the jerseys with flowery or showy motives, you must combine them with smooth pants or skirts, of colors that play with someone of which it has the jersey.

- It is not necessary that we adorn ourselves in excess with jewels or costume jewelry. If we go out night a small necklace will be sufficient matching with a bracelet or the classic necklace of pearls. If we decide to place ourselves rings, one is sufficient. The earrings will go to game with the necklace or choker and if they are long, better that the adornment of the neck is not ostentatious.
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