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What things spoil your image?
For: Mercedes Barroso
It is not new at all, since we come repeating it for time, that the personal image is something important. Of the visual impact that we give, 93 % is visual and only 7 % corresponds to the language. Bearing in mind the quantity of the people with which we cross every day (and with which we do not speak) it would be of strict coherence to offer an image the most similar thing to our real way of being.
And so, at the moment of dressing ourselves and to get ready, we rise the following question to ourselves: do I meet well? Of course, it is slightly frequent to find the best answer, so, to avoid the bad moment, young Asmoda suggests you here some Tips that you can avoid to show the possible best thing. 

1. To use not appropriate colors:
In previous numbers, young Amoda gives some keys on this matter. In any case, bear in mind that the leather tones are different. The colors that favor some not necessary favor others. It experiments with diverse colors and combinations, and observes which are those who better you go, and there does not matter which is fashionable. 

2. To use a smaller size:
If you do not fit, do not use it. To be compressed inside a smaller size can feed your vanity, but it can make her see something fatter. He buys pledges of your size, of course you are going to meet better and with a more favored image. 

3. Inadequate makeup:
As well as you dress different pledges as the occasion, also your makeup must adapt itself (for example, it intensifies your makeup for the festive nights, or support the clean face when you go in for sport), as well as to know the current makeup tendencies. 

4. Very exact shoes:
You meet very well … of the ankles for above. Since in the garments, he buys the shoes to the measurement of your foot, of this one form you will avoid discomfort and to do an irreparable damage to them in the future. The feet it is necessary to take care of them of regular form. 

5. Broken fingernails and jumped painting:
Support your clean and cut fingernails of equal form. To arrange them quickly, have felling - fingernail and always file to hand. If you are in a work environment, incline for the neutral colors. 

6. The visible lines and incorrect size of your underwear:
Make sure that the suspenders of your support fit correctly. If they do not remain well placed to the body, they slip of the shoulders and leave that the bust yields instead of holding it. 

7. The bad combinations:
The pants suit you, the shirt carves you perfectly and the shoes are very nice. But cocktails, there are a disaster, since the colors do not harmonize and the cuts are of different styles. Do not choose the pledges separately, but in combination one with other one, so that the whole set suits you. 

8. Discolored roots:
The color of the hair can do wonderful things in your person, but also do ravages in the pocket. If you cannot allow yourself a regular maintenance of a certain color of dyeing consider to do reflexes to you instead of a finished dye. Make sure that the color of your hair should remain harmonious with the tonality of your skin. 

Finally, do take some minutes to attend these to suggestions. Why does to spoil your Look, when it is so easy turn well?
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