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What style does 2008 you sit better?
For: Maria Candela
Along the different periods we see parading for the international footbridges inspirations and tendencies of the most varied thing. Nevertheless, not quite what takes has why to convince you. At the time of dressing you, the trick consists of finding which is to all these looks the one that more fits to you. After all, your way of dressing says very much of how you are. We present to you some of the most chic styles of the period so that you discover which is the one that better you sits:

1. Exotic: the exotic style is characterized by the use of soft tones (beige, brown, green hunts), for the pants type loaded, for the white blouses, the handmade accessories and for cloths like the leather and before. It is inspired in the Amazon forest, in the African savanna or in the American Indians. It is a remake of the tribal thing encouraged by the globalization. The reference in this year? The Palestinian that Nicolas Ghesquiêre designed for Balenciaga.

2. Chic or Folk Bohemian: if yours there are the fringe, the garments tunic, the unusual combinations, a slightly romantic and lazy air (although perfectly studied), this is your look. The perfect complement? The purse Tye - Die de Miu Miu. Your inspiration source? From the hippies 70 up to the Parisian beret, passing for Jane Birkin.

3. Navy: you border, border and more streaks. And the colors? The blue as indisputable protagonist combined with the target and the red one. A look much adapted for the summer and reinvented by Moschino of an entertaining form. The style navy finds his maximum representation in the airs of New England so typical of families like the Kennedy and much used by designers like Tommy Hilfiger or Ralph Lauren.

4. Vintage: the style vintage leaks nostalgia of the past for four sides. It does not do pledges meaning, any time they remind already real epochs to us, from the 20s up to the typical baseball made in shirts USA. If he excites you to recover old pledges of your mother or to go out of slightly disguised house, here you have your style. Someone like Chloe Sevigny or Eva Herzigova have already signed up him.

5. Live through them ’80!: you swore and perjured yourself that you would never put yourself pants of cigaret or golden accessories, that there would never be a few meshes in your closet or that your feet would never wear some converse. And you have eaten up each of your words, after Ray Ban Wayfarer bought you also. The inspiration? The group the Ramones, singer Mika or Madonna in his golden age.

6. Tailor: yours is to go impeccably overnight. You like that finished of the clothes they are perfect and to demonstrate to the world that nothing puts itself you ahead. Nothing defines you better then that some of the pledges that have been the must of this year like the pants of masculine cut or the blazers. The reference point? The perfect seam of the best couturiers and the women who were pioneers of his time after a few pants as Marlene Dietrich were stuffed.

7. Baby doll: your pledge fetish is the garment. You put yourself it at any time and for any occasion. With him you are commode and turn out to be elegant. Since he decides in favor of sleeve garments lantern and with backstitches or big necks and bonds. Next add to him a naughty touch as a few averages of color, a big brooch or a diadem of spots and turn into a certification baby doll.

8. Urban: you do not conceive the life without the hurries and the frantic rhythm of big metropolis. You the activity goes and that's why you think about how to go commode, without losing the elegant touch. The urban look is yours. Wide pants, huntresses, sunglasses type aviator and a big purse as inseparable partner. The designer most representative of this style? Donna Karan, eternally in love with New York.

9. “Gnu rave” / Grunge: there are the rebellious looks of the period. Of clear inspiration indie, the passions of the “gnu rave” are the shrillness, the psychedelic thing and the colors fluorine. The style grunge takes as an icon Kurt Cobain, the singer of Nirvana. It is praised by the lazy air, the shirts of woodcutter's pictures and the black color like protagonist. A reference designer? Marc Jacobs. And two blondes who better have reinvented it? The sisters Olsen.

10. Alternative Freaky: more linnets of your class would triumph in these times that run with his jerseys of rhombs, his square glasses or his vests of point. Add a few sheets to them in the revers, pants cigaret and your converse and you will give him an alternative just as intellectual air. More to go to class.

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