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haircut as your face
The haircut contributes to the changes of look making to feel possible another woman, any minute now, is so we can mention between others to the cuts texturizados with unequal measurements to heighten and to give a frame different from the face. Young Asmoda discovers to you the style that better you sits...

In the current times that the woman not only works out and inside his house having to be always nice and tidy, it is almost impresindible to adopt a look in his hair that allows him to comb with facility and quickly.

Almost always the short hairs are more adopted for the youth. The haircut often decides according to the form of the face, nesecidades of the person who cuts the hair, type of hair that the person has is already with locks or faded, the fashion, and often, what it is important, the creativity of the stylist.

Haircuts as your facial razgos:

Cara Cuadrada
For a squared face the best thing a haircut is over the shoulders, with this we manage to contribute volume on both sides of the face, and with a few soft waves and a few very finite wicks they will smooth the razgos of your face.

Cara Triangular
For a triangular face the advisable thing there is a long way, a light and dishevelled long hair, with some longer tufts towards the face, and also podés to choose to do long bangs to you to brush it for the side, with this touch you are going to turn out to be very attractive and sensual.

Cara Alargada
For an elongated face the best thing a hair cut is with volúmen in the top part of the head, in the nape podés to leave some longer wicks to you to give movement and a slightly dishevelled and natural look, if querés to do bangs to you can be a rectum or desmechado that will give mobility to the hairstyle. It is a cut very easy to do and comfortably.

Cara Redonda
The best thing for the round face a haircut is at a height of the jaw, with a light volume in the top part of the head, rather faded to the sides. To stylize and to perfect features, it is good to do a demechado in the part of forward of the face.

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