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make up without looking like a clown
For: Maria Candela
Finally your mother allows you to go out with your friends this Saturday but: horror!, you turn out to be pale like the wax, a grain of fear has gone out for you and you cannot begin where to make yourself up. In Christmas they gave you a paintings set (yuhu!) but: how are they used? Asmoda gives you the keys to make yourself up with a natural look, which heightens your strong points and extracts the best thing of you yourself.
There are infinite makeup products, but the basic ones are: makeup base, reviser, dust, rouge, shades of eyes, eyeliner, bar of lips and gloss. You can be creating little by little your set of paintings (this way you will not have to take them from your mother undercover). 

Before beginning making up, your face cleans you and it hydrates. It is the most important on having made you up to take care well of your skin, so much at first (making sure that it is well hydrated), as in the end (cleaning well you facing the desmaquillarte). 

The makeup base is the following step. With the base the leather tone of the face is unified. It is important to choose well the tone of the base, according to the type of skin. Do not forget that the makeup base does not take as a purpose to become brown, for that the tanning dust exists. 

It is suitable to have a pouches reviser and other of red areas. These two products give to the face luminosity, symmetry and uniformity. There exist revisers of red areas that must be applied before the base and others that must apply themselves later. It serves to hide the granites and the black points. As for the pouches reviser, there is a very wide scale. Some have a major coverage and others less. 

It is habitual (and more at your age) that the called area shines T of the face (named this way by the form that it does: front, nose and chin). If this is your case, there exists dust mate that, after applying them to you, achieve that the sheen disappears. 

As for the rouge, it is possible to choose between many tones, which can go from the pink color to the peach. If you cannot begin where, do with one color ground to yourself. 

Thanks to the eyes shade we can emphasize our look, giving him force and intensity. To choose the color of a shade of eyes is a world, since it can change very much according to the color of your eyes, the color of the clothes that you wear, if it is day or night, etc. 

As for the eyeliner, the king is the black color, although a browner color usually remain to the very fair-haired girls better. Personally, my favorite is the green. 

And, finally, the final touch: the lips. The professional make-up artists recommend to use of lips bar the tone that more looks alike to the color of our lips. Although this period it has become fashionable red passion, this is a risky bet and not all of us are favored by it. After painting them, it heightens your lips with a sheen or gloss, so that they remain super brilliant. 

Do not forget that the important thing in makeup is to heighten your strong points and to hide the defectillos and that you will always triumph with a natural, slightly showy look: that scarcely it seems that you are made up. Also, when you are young, your strong trick is your skin. So take care of it!
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