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What perfume have you left better?
For: Mercedes Barroso
To buy a perfume is not only a question of tastes of smelling better but you have to manage to make it yours and to turn it into your best letter of credence. Said about another form, it does not consist of choosing the one that better seems to you that it smells but of choosing the one that also stays better on your skin because as you know the same fragrance it changes one person to other one.
The first thing that we recommend to you from young Asmoda, is that you do not try any colony on straight on your skin; use the cards or strips that you will find in all the perfumeries and bear in mind that the smell of the perfume has not anything in common with this first impression that you have anything more it to smell. He keeps these strips and huélelas after one hour because this is the real fragrance that will last. 

Appeal also the experts so that they advise you perfumes that should contain the minor quantity of possible alcohol and bear in mind that colonies exist for the most sensitive skins and that you must be careful on having mixed your perfumes with creams of any type. 

If you have the greasy skin, the miscellany with the colony be able to do that your perfume is the too strong and the best thing the fact is that you choose citric and fresh fragrances and do not apply it to yourself often along your working day. 

If on the contrary your skin is drier, do not fall down in the error of applying them with any more frequency because the alcohol that they contain can dry moreover your skin off; in this case, the most guessed right decision is to choose for typical winter fragrances that, on having had more lasting extracts, you will not have to apply to yourself with so much frequency. 

As soon as there was chosen the colony that better you have left, only it is necessary to you to know how to put yourself it: forget to use it to yourself for liters and do not create a colony cloud again in the bath to happen for her; the trick consists in applying a few drops in places like the neck and the torso, or the dolls.
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