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swimsuit, towel … and for his position: pareo!
For: Mercedes Barroso
Although we are already at the end of the summer, the heat continues there, and the hour of the bath … also. From young Asmoda we present the last thing to you in pareos so that you are the most nice and elegant possible both in the swimming pool and in the beach!
The first thing that it is necessary to wonder is: what is the pareo and which is his place? It might be said that it is a square of cotton textile, stamped with coloring topics that does the times of garment or skirt and that is suitable, only, in the beach or in the swimming pool. 

There exist several ways of it fitting:

- A finished return about the bust and a knot in the back

- To put the pareo over the breast with a nude double the back, to spend the pareo between the legs, and seguidamente to bring the ends to the waist to tie them.

- Or, to use the pareo for his length: after one of the ends to have stuck to the neck, to take behind the ends that fall down, and spending them between the legs, to join them at a height of the bellybutton so that it covers the hips.

- A simple knot about the neck, and other in the waist.

- To tie the pareo about the hips, to bring another end below the arms and to tie it with a knot

- To open the pareo in the back in all his length, to tie it with a nude double at a height of the breast, so that the free ends cover you ahead, and to join them in the back

And so much other forms...

Finally, to say to you that the pareo can turn into an elegant garment or into an exit of the bath … Colors and innumerable topics, quality of the textile, varied. Choose well and enjoy the bath!
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