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Owing to the presentation of the selection of pledges of Tommy Hilfiger called “Favorite Things“, the American designer came to El Corte Ingles of The Castilian one, in Madrid accompanied by his wife and by the model Martina Klein, who was a presenter of the event.

“Tommy Hilfiger Favorite Things” consists of a pledges selection like jerséis, shirts, pants and pledges of overcoat of the collections Autumn - winter 2009/2010 for Woman, Man, Children and Hilfiger Denim, which the designer considers to be pieces keys of his collection, many of which shut up the extract of the American style that it has popularized in the whole world. The selection is free under the name of “Favorite Things“ – like that song of the popular movie “Smiles and tears” - from last November in all the centers of the English Cut of Spain.

During the event, Tommy Hilfiger met the clients of the mark, who received a signed copy of his book Iconic America during a signatures meeting. At the same time, the Spanish group not Reply interpreted outstanding figures of the American music as well as some of his own topics.
The next edition of the International Lounge of Fashion of Madrid (SIMM), organized by IFEMA, will have important innovations, between them, the coincidence with Giftrends, which integrates the lounges Interfigft, Iberjoya and Bisutex. This way, there will be formed the biggest platform dedicated to the whole look fashionably in Spain.

The dates of SIMM will be from February 4 until February 6, 2010, going forward to facilitate this way the coincidence with related fairs, and to provide of major attraction to this big commercial fashionable professional appointment. The sectors of clothes, complements, costume jewelry, jewelry shop, hearth and decoration in general, they will have the same shop window in the magnificent frame of the pavilions of Ifema. The target of this multiple call is to generate synergies and to favor a frame of exhibition and information of major attraction for the professionals' wide group with common interests in these sectors.

Other one of the innovations is the SIMM transfer to the pavilions 12 and 14, and his organization in new thematic sectors where the collections will appear Autumn - winter 2010/2011 in dressmaking for woman and man, furrier's and accessories. The Prompt fashion also will have his area with bath fashion.

On the other hand there will be a new space, the EGO thought for the emergent designers. In him the participants will be able to exhibit his collections in special conditions in some of the editions of the platform of creative young people integrated into Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week. Also an area will be assined to locate the Forum of Tendencies, other one of the innovations of the SIMM, where the professional will be able to discover to the detail and of rapid form the keys of the following period in colors, pledges, textures and lines.

Coinciding with this next February edition, the Showrooms of IFEMA will be organized for the first time, a new and practical space directed to fashionable signatures of high scale, which think about how to exhibit his collections in an exclusive and comfortable frame with a wide schedule, facilitating the visit of the buyer without having to move to other points of the city.
Who has said that the technology cannot inspire to the fashion? This is what there has done the designer Eugenio Loarce, who has thrown a collection of fashionable complements realized with disposable computer material.

In an imaginative project that unites design and technology, the computer mark HP and the designer of La Mancha Eugenio Loarce they have thrown a collection of fashionable complements realized with cables as principal material.

The technological signature, which is throwing several lines of printers that do not use cables, wants to show this way how the cable is, increasingly, an element to be recycled, and what better way of doing it than with a fashionable collection. Eugenio Loarce one has started working and it has realized brooches, hats, necklaces and purses, between other pieces prepared from the recycling of different cables, combining them with copper, coralline, silk, lace, marabou, to create the only and exclusive pieces, of marked baroque style and ultra femininely.

With the new wireless impression devices, the cable is an element that tends to disappear and to do a small homage there has been had the idea of creating a very contemporary fashionable collection.

These pieces will be auctioned online and the collected money will be assined to charitable ends. 

It was a real icon of the fashion in the 50s and 60s. Now some of the models that Audrey Hepburn showed in his unforgettable movies are going to go out to auction in London, Paris and New York in these next days. The collection will go to the Foundation “Audrey Hepburn Children's“ who continues a magnificent social work that the actress realized in the last years of his life in which it covered the world as Ambassadress of the UNICEF.

The auction will extract to the light the models that Audrey showed in movies like “Breakfast with diamonds” (961), Sabrina (1954), the lace garment color cremates that it shone in “Steal to million”, the garment of black cocktail with laces that went in “Like stealing a million.” the suit color turquoise of “Two in the highway” and a fiancée's garment that they created for her the sisters Fontana in 1952 who never went so far as to release because his wedding with James Hanson does not go so far as to be celebrated and then it gave it to a young Italian fiancée. The auction will include also accessories, letters and telegrams of the actress.

In the history of the fashion, tied to the movies, Audrey Hepburn represented the quintessence of the elegance of his epoch. Very thin, with an incredible personality even dressed in simple outfits as a black pullover of high neck, exact pants and a few ballerinas, his style was imitated by thousands of women. His maker was principally the French couturier Hubert de Givenchy to whom it always remained faithful and also the designer of Paramount Edith Head authoress of the wardrobe of the movie “Holidays in Rome” (1953) that cost him an Oscar. The auctions of Paris, London and New York many of these models will gather together with other creations of Saint Laurent and Christian Dior giving this way continuity to a marvelous social work that the actress developed.

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