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A dialogue between the fashion and the literature, is the extract of the Exhibition “12 Suits for China” presented in the shop windows of Mountain El Corte Ingles of the street of Madrid. The project, which is framed inside the state activities and the Institute Cervantes, has been realized owing to the Year of Spain in China that was inaugurated last February in the Institute Cervantes of Peking and now it appears for the first time in Spain.

Twelve suits there have been designed by twelve Spanish creators inspired by different books of out-standing writers of Spanish language awards Cervantes, the Prince of Asturias etc. In the works selection the different literary genres have been born in mind: prose, poetry, and essay as well as the leading role of the feminine personages of the different works like “La Reina of the Snow” of the novelist Carmen Martin Gaite, “Five hours with Mario” of Miguel Delibes or “Quarter of marvels” of Rosa Chacel. The designers who have put his imagination and his creativity in this interesting project are Modesto Lomba, Ailanto, Agatha Ruíz de la Prada, Alma Aguilar, Spastor, Juan Duyos, Victorio and Lucchino, Miriam Ocáriz, David Delfín, Francis Montesinos, Amaya Arzuaga and Francis Montesinos.

The opening of the exhibition was preceded of a Round table presented by Diego Copado, the director of External Relations and Communication of El Corte Ingles, in which they intervened Modesto Lomba president of ACME, governing Raquel Galán of patronage of the Institute Cervantes, between other out-standing personalities of the world of the diplomacy and of the fashion. Twelve suits, in which it is possible to discover the proper style of every designer, will be exhibited until June 12.
The design and the most summer fashion will fill the pavilions of 60th edition of the International Lounge of Fashion of Madrid (SIMM), from July 17 until July 19. All the keys of what will take and fill the shop windows in the spring - summer 2009, now in Fair of Madrid. 

The celebration of the fair goes forward two months, since a market as dynamic as that of the fashion every time presents with major advance his collections. That's why, it will be an appointment with proposals come from the whole world and showed for more than 700 taking part companies. In this occasion, Brazil will be the invited country of the fair, continuing with the initiatory starting in the edition of February of this year, with Portugal like special guest. The Brazilian designs, full of fantasy, actuality and innovation will be one of the big attractions of the contest. The increasing presence of foreign signatures across Spanish agents reinforces his international character. 

One of the principal bets of this SIMM edition is the fashion bath, intimate fashion and fitness, grouped in the sector Alma Agua. In this area, in addition to being provided with a special decoration separated from that of the rest of the fair, diverse daily parades will be organized. The proposals complete the offer of feminine, masculine fashionable SIMM and complements, sectorizada according to the style and philosophy that his collections offer. In whole more than 31.000 square meters of fair. 

The sectors are a Gala (holiday and cocktail), Prima donna (bold and exuberant designs), Pearls (for a feminine and traditional but innovative woman), Soul (tendencies and avant-garde), Eternal (contemporary basic designs), Man (for a current man), Free (denin, cool and urban designs), and the areas of Kisses, Accessories and Prompt Fashion. 

Finally, the only and essential appointment to know all the faces of the fashion, from the most commercial to which they mark tendency. Not in vain, the past SIMM edition registered more than 17.800 visitors, 6 % more than the previous one.
In such an important cultural event it could not be missing. The State Society Post office and Telegraphs, collaborator of CIM 2008, is going to edit a few beautiful stamps to commemorate the celebration of I International Congress of Fashion, which there organizes from October 22 until October 24 in the Museum of the Suit of Madrid the Association Fashion, University and Company (AMUE) and the Top Center of Design of Fashion of the Polytechnical University of Madrid (CSDMM)

One of the stamps will take the official logotype of the CIM2008 and others have devoted themselves to the Spanish Fashion and, in particular, to the couturier Pedro Rodríguez, someone of whose creations are exhibited in the Museum of the Suit of Madrid.

The presentation of the block of stamps and his established by protocol postmark will take place on October 23, inside the program of acts of the CIM. The State Society Post office and Telegraphs has always bet for the fashion and it has already expressed several stamps in homage to Spanish designers, as Jesus Del Pozo, Sybilla, Victorio and Lucchino and Balenciaga.
The fashion of the fan resuscitates strongly. The painter Mayte Spínola has summoned a nice holiday in his house to which it are that there have come the artists of the Group Pro Arte and Culture, along with other personality of ambience cultural, between which they were writer Carmen Posadas, Culture award 2007 of the Community of Madrid; the artistic agent Inés Medina; the gallery owner Cristina Matos; philosopher Carmen Balmaseda; the model Laura Ponte and his husband Beltrán; Conchita Spínola, wife of The Litri... As guest of honor, infanta Mrs Pilar de Borbón.

The fans that the assistants were taking were changing from the silver gray of the painter Manuel Oyonarte the Valencian flowery pericón of artist Maica Nöis. The awards of historical fans were for the fans of the XVIIIth of the countess of Assault; the second one for Patricia García of the Bush, lady of Jaime de Borbón and, third, for Beatriz Valdenebro, lady of Laso of the Vega. The award of identical fans was for the realized one by Antonio Vives Fierro.

The Valencian designer Charo Marín took a fan of his series Carmen, who did for order of the Opera of Paris owing to the premiere of the work of Bizet. After his series of fans Fire and Water, the last investigations of Charo Marín go for the fan “Woman“, with baroque cloths of proper design for the country and ribs in pear tree wood, in addition to the "fan - jewel" with brilliant in the rods and the cloth.

At present a titled exhibition takes place The Spanish fan. The collection of the Marquess of Colomina in the palace of Caixa Gallicia in Lugo belonging to the collection of Encarna Martínez Cuesta. The city of the Turia will present the exhibition extended in the palace of the Marquess of Two Waters, from the next October 2 until January 12, 2009.
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