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It has received the award to the best collection of a young designer of Cibeles. Carmen March is praised by the m ost awkward version of the fashion: the high fashion. He does not like doing garments in series but she is a lover of his office and he is spent many hours in his shop - workshop transmitting directly to his clients his personal vision of how a woman must dress. Now, after a few weeks of receiving his award, he thinks already about his next collection and especially about a big project that it has just started: the rehabilitation of a house of three plants in the select alley of Puigcerdá where he will install his workshop, bookstore of architecture and movies, his passions, and a space where to have a drink or a good chocolate cake
From Canada to Chile of Nigeria to South Africa and from Mongolia to Tahilandia “Ethical Fashion Show of Paris” it has represented a collection of samples of the fashion that adopts ethical criteria, but that shows also the esthetic wealth that the local handmade traditions contribute. Thirty creators of five continents presented in Paris his models in a parade that was a real exponent of the best high fashion In these globalization times and uniformización the lounge of the ethical fashion did an incisive demonstration of the enormous wealth that the traditional crafts can contribute to the world, especially when they are mixed and dive, without complexes, in all the possible crossbreedings .
First they threw Lagerfeld and Estella McCartney and they continue in his career of famous throwings... The shops of H&M incorporate in November the collections of Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren, the avant-garde Dutch designers who have turned his parades into real spectacles. The success of this duo, which appears in the first division of the fashion, is that his models are inspired, more than in the tendencies, in histories or in personal intuitions. For his collection destined to H&M they have chosen like topic the love and his protagonists. His masculine pledges are decorated by arrows and the feminine ones with hearts. “The fashion – they make sure - is not only a clothes but also communication; we count histories”. His presence in the shops H&M they convert the luxury into something accessible to all the pockets.
Adriana Saiz of Vicuna is an original and cosmopolitan designer got excited about the managerial management, which has just opened a shop in the Street Castelló close to the Door of Madrid of Alcala. The space recreates an ambience New art that plays with the contrast of contemporary elements. The restored antiquities lodge in his shop windows an original mix of modern accessories and pieces vintage and the selection of pieces of Argentine and London designers they look for a distinguishing point with the conventional signatures in the route of the shopping of Madrid. “Mamukat - says Adriana - it is destined for an a little Bohemian public the one that likes the natural textiles and the pieces artisans
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