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For one day only... This fleeting duration is the one that will have the built house of Calvin Klein neither more nor less than inside the Museum Mieji Jiungu Gaien of Tokyo. The American couturier has collaborated the Japanese architect Shinichi Ogawa, famous person in the Japan for his esthetics minimalista. The modern construction will last only a day of ends of May, the necessary time so that Klein presents his collection autumn - winter 2008.

The especialísimo event, which will be celebrated in the house of the Japanese museum, titles “The world of Calvin Klein” and it is of supposing that in her the American couturier will overturn all his based inspiration as always in the beginning minimalista of limiting the things to his maximum purity. The Japanese, collaborating architect in the project, has declared “The fashion and the architecture there are two things that reflect a form of expression, a philosophy of the life and of the design”.
Does he remember who is Keseme Ole Parsapaet? Perhaps this name does not say anything but insurance to him that will fall down in the account if we say to him that it is the model masai that led, along with Gisele Bundchen, an international campaign of publicity that turned out to be enclosed on the pages of fashionable magazines of high place standing. The good-looking masai comes from a small people near to Nairobi where he was devoting himself to shepherd after his goats until the reputation called to his door and where it has returned after turning into international model.

Three photos meetings in London along with the top model threw him to the stardom, but after this interesting experience Parsapaet he has decided to return with theirs and to devote itself to his shepherd's ancient office. For his fleeting work since model received 5 thousand dollars, which it is what it would gain selling cattle for seven years, and with this money he has constructed a tin hut for his wife and his children, he has bought more cattle and a truck with tow to transport them. With his interesting features and his 1 ´88 of height this model that could have turned into a world phenomenon has chosen his family over all the sweet talk of the reputation.
New York has always been an icon of the artistic and cultural avant-garde, and in the world of the fashion it could not be less. Writers, musicians and film directors have dedicated his best works to him, and now it is Albert and Victoria Museum of London who produces a homage to his designers.

Until September 2 it is possible to enjoy free form of an exhibition that gathers pledges and accessories that are a trip for twenty years of talented designers neoyorkinos of the size of Derek Lam, Zac Posen, Maggie Norris, Mary Ping or Proenza Schouler. The exhibition emphasizes the contribution that each one has done to the changeable face of the industry of the fashion in one of the most influential capitals of the world of the design. In fact, the sample centers on the period 1999 – 2004, in order to highlight the innovation, the creativity and the genius.

New York Fashion Show splits into five sections: Chic Sportwears, Atelier, Avant - Garde, Menswear and Celebrity. Photos of the different quarters of New York frame the designs in order to highlight the vibrant and vivid climate of the streets of this cosmopolitan city.

If you have opportunity to travel to London, date a return for the exhibition and he enjoys this interesting merger between the avant-garde, the metropolis and the design.
More than 180 Barbies revises the history of the fashion and the movies in a traveling exhibition presented by El Corte Ingles. The sample includes from the history of the suit up to the evolution of the cinema happening for the history of fashionable international designers. Under the title of 'Barbie, 50 fashionable years', this project it has been possible thanks to Manuel Segura, a private collector who for more than ten years collects figures of Barbie. 

Thanks to the sample it is possible to see to this doll dressed by the best international designers like Armani, Donut Karan, Calvin Klein, Versace or Ralph Lauren, between many others. Also, the history of the suit is represented also by this mythical doll that, with his garments, shows the different styles of every epoch. 

From the Renaissance man up to the Elizabethan one as well as the rococo and the outstanding figure. On the other hand, the most quoted actresses also are present in this sample. In fact, they can turn Barbies that give life to the protagonist of Oz's Magician, the Family Adams, Records X and Star Trek as well as others that emulate different actresses of television and movies like Cher, Marilyn Monroe, Glenn Close or Elisabeth Taylor. 

The birth of the doll Barbie took place on March 9, 1959. His official presentation took place in the Annual Fair of the Toy of New York. From this moment the reputation of the doll Barbie has not stopped growing up to turning at present into the most sold doll of the world. The exhibition 'Barbie, 50 fashionable years' also will be able to be contemplated in other centers of El Corte Ingles since it is itinerant and will go for the whole Spain.
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