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Between 15 and on February 17, the collections of the first signatures will be able to be known first hand in masculine, feminine fashion, furrier's and accessories for the next period Autumn - winter 2008-09. It will be in the International Lounge of the Fashion of Madrid (SIMM), the biggest commercial shop window of the fashion in Spain, organized by Ifema, and the second one more important to European scale after the CPD of Dusseldorf. Until now, they have confirmed his participation in the next call 525 international companies, of which 25 will come for the first time.

The principal innovation in this 59th edition of the SIMM is that Portugal will be the guest of honor of the Fair. With this initiative the so called program is started “Invited Country”, that consists of the international promotion of the industry of the dressmaking of the country in question. In the following edition it will be Brazil.

Portugal traditionally has had a presence emphasized in the fair, especially in the space dedicated to the masculine fashion. The leading role of our nearby country will become visible in all the advertizing supports, in diverse activities and in a specific sectorial area.

Fashion in sectors

As other times, the contest presents his offer organized in sectors, according to the philosophy and concept of the fashion that it lodges. This way the location of the diverse marks for professionals, guests and companies becomes easier. The sector Gala will receive the most luxurious proposals for the holiday and the night. Prima donna will assemble the collections for a sophisticated woman, while Perlas will exhibit the collections for a style atemporal. Soul will present the most top tendencies in his different segments. The basic contemporaries will give themselves appointment in Eternal, and the youngest and urban style will be in Free. The sector Kisses will receive the last tendencies in prompt fashion for the Spring - summer 2008. Finally, the masculine fashion of quality and design will be able to be seen in Wings. Precisely, the fashion man will gain a major leading role, on having devoted itself a specific space to this sector.

On the other hand, after the success of previous editions, Ifema organizes the Footbridge LatinoAméricaFashion again in the frame of the SIMM. In her it will meet to big names of the design of Latin America, interesting being announced on the European market and promoting the interesting creative stage through that one is living in the Latin countries.
The Club XXIst Century has organized a conference on “The fashion in Spain and France, the young people of the XXIst century”. It has taken place in the residence of the ambassador of France, Bruno Delaye.
There took part in the Round table the designer Elio Berhanyer, the model and actress Inés Sastre, the president and adviser of the signature Loewe, Alberto Puyol and Damián and Gaspard Yurkievich, businessman and designer, respectively.
It started the conference with the backdrop of which now the fashion is in everything, it is part of our life. We find designs in cars, in bottles or in the chinas.
The fashion has changed very much in a few years. The vision of the Spanish fashion in France has evolved for good. Inés Sastre told that when she came to Paris, they were saying to him that it could not seem very Spanish. Today the Gallic country is much more Latin. Inés Sastre said that “the Spanish young people of the XXIst Century is interested in marking the big "boom" in marks as Zara, Handle... There are the people - it continues - very consecrated. What has France that nobody possesses is the high fashion”.
There was opinions division when there was discussed if the fashion is an art or not. The designers Elio Berhanyer and Gaspard Yurkievich assured that if while Inés Sastre thinks that not, that when she puts a garment, he does not think that a work of art is used.
Between the guests of the conference there were the countess of Romanones, Genoveva Casanova and the model Almudena Fernández.
A whole of 550 companies exhibitors, between whom there find the companies Spanish leaders and more than one hundred of international signatures, will show together last proposals and creations of the world of the jewelry shop, an industry in permanent renewal. The appointment will be in Iberjoya next 14th to February 18 in the pavilions 8 and 10 of IFEMA, in Madrid. 

For the first time, the International Lounge of Jewelry shop Silver, Watchmaker's and Related Industries, Iberjoya, changes his habitual dates and celebrates his fair alone, desmarcándose of Bisutex and Intergift, answering this way to a demand of the sector that will allow to visitors and exhibitors a more suitable platform of promotion and business for the commercial development. 

The Fair has become strong in the international stage, since he assures an effective environment of business and promotion. There are giving themselves a few increasing numbers of foreign participation-165 companies and 940 professionals of 56 countries in his past call, proceeding from Germany, Andorra, Belgium, China, Colombia, the Arab Emirates, France, Greece, India, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Portugal and Turkey - that allow to the buyer a comfortable perspective of the products and tendencies more emphasized from the principal producing countries. Iberjoya has devoted himself as well as one of the international regarding maxima of the sector and the principal meeting of the industry jeweler in our country. The fair registers an average inflow in every call concerning 22.000 professionals. 

Iberjoya has foreseen, in addition to his wide explanatory offer, the organization of a multimedia presentation of tendencies in which there are gathered proposals of high jewelry shop, lines of avant-garde, jewelry shop of author and of big consumption along with innovations of watchmaker's and of gold work.
The Catalan designer Custo Dalmau and his mark Custo Barcelona, has been in charge of decorating the sails of the craft of Estrella Damm, who takes part in the Barcelona World Race. This ditch began last November 11 from the port of Barcelona and it will finish in February, after three months of turning to the world and covering 25.000 miles.

The illustration of the sails is a faithful reflex of the style of the designer, who has captured in them a happy floral pattern of red and yellow tones, corporate colors of the mark of beer that also are applied in the rest of the monohull. With this design, Custo Dalmau has wanted to reflect his passion for the nature and his commitment with the ecology. Certainly, it will not happen unnoticed. It is not the first time that the designer collaborates with the beer company: anniversary of Estrella Damm already created an original packing owing to 130.

The graceful and coloristic sails of Custo Barcelona, which they harmonize perfectly with the stars of the mark, will touch nine flying goals, step points obligatory, placed in waters of Gibraltar, Canaries, Brazil, South Africa, New Zealand, Chile and finally they will return to Barcelona. The adventure will extend throughout three months during which scales will not be done.

In the photo (taken Jorge Andreu), we see Custo Dalmau in the middle of two bosses that sail in the IMOCA 60: the native of Barcelona Guillermo Altadill and the American Jonathan Mckee.
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