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Next January 27 at 8 p.m. in Cultural Association Zayas of Madrid (Street Reigns of Vergara 40) the presentation of the book will take place “Fashion and values. The challenge of the new thing” a production of the association “Fashion, University and Company” publisher of The authoress is Josefina Figueras together with several editors and collaborators of our magazine. The presentation will run in charge of 3 experts inside the world of the fashion from very diverse areas, which appear between the interviewees in the first part of the book:Enrique Loewe, Ann Locking and Maria León

Enrique Loewe is the President of the Foundation Loewe and Adviser of the Association “Fashion, University and Company”. He was the President of the Scientific Committee of the First International Congress of Fashion celebrated in Madrid “The fashion is an external declaration of an internal, much deeper and more interesting phenomenon related to the behavior: the values” – he says in the interview.

Ann Locking, a designer of wide records much compromised with the art and the culture, has taken part in different activities of the association “Fashion, University and Company” and it was a speaker in the first International Congress of Fashion. In the book we can find several his very interesting opinions “The designer cannot be a self-centered being but it must be generous, overturned outside. Any creative process has to give and has to gather” he explains.

Maria León is a director of Communication of Pedro del Hierro. Much known of the readership of across his blog in our magazine that initiated in March, 2008. It was precisely in the presentation of his blog when he answered the questions of the interview that we publish in the book. “I would never advise any person against his tastes or his style - afirma-hay to adapt the elegance like belonging to each one.”
The fashion moves towards the oriental countries every time with major frequency. He flees of the crisis that asola to the western world to land in others that, as it is the case of China, offer the potential of an emergent economy that keeps on growing in valuations of 8 %.

In the above mentioned weeks we have had several news about this march towards east. The signature, Diktons specialized in feminine dressmaking, has opened to the Chinese market with 3 points of sale in Shangai, Peking and Hangzhon. The Catalan company does this way a change in his internalization process and continues the contacts for a next entry in Korea, Tawian and Japan.

Most of the shops opened in the first months of the year of Inditex are in China, Japan and South Korea.: a whole of 90 shops. Givenchy has signed an agreement of exclusive distribution with the fashionable group and life style F.J Benjamin for the expansion of the mark in Singapore and in the first months of 2010 it will open some 1.500 square meters shop in Paragon. Louis Vuitton, considering the increase of the purchasing power of the oriental countries, has thrown himself also with major emphasis to his oriental presence that initiated already in the year 1992 with the opening of one boutique in Palace Hotel of Peking. Now it has just inaugurated a Flags Ship in Macao in a building of three plants in which there will be also cultuales spaces and room of art.

The Spanish designer Miriam Ocariz announces also his presence in Japan and in the latter days the representatives of the textile industry and of the European and Korean dressmaking the management ones, Euratex and Kotofi, they met in Brussels to press bonds hard and to promote future collaborations.
When we begin observing that we are provided by the spring fashion FIMI, the Fair of Infantile Fashion of Valencia, already he announces the lines, colors and styles for the winter 2010-1011 period. This Fair, which will be celebrated between 22 and on January 24, will coincide with the International Fair of the baby “Zero to four” that celebrates this year his edition number 22.

They have announced his presence in the fair more than 600 marks, and between 6.500. and 7.000 professionals of the national market who will visit FIMI together with countries companions like Germany, France, Russia, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia Brazil etc. one waits for the presence of 225 exhibitors. The French agency will take part also in the event Ubifrance for the international development of the company with a joint group of 7 French marks of the sector of the babycare and of the infantile fashion.

In this edition of the FIMI, and between the companies participanes – both national and international he emphasizes the presence of Custo Barcelona with his new infantile fashionable mark Custo Growing. Other marks of big prestige are AKR Kids, Barcarole, Bóboli, Elisa Menuts, Tuc Tuc, Toto Piccolo etc, Thus the fair confronts new challenges for new times with the wealth of 70 editions of experience.
From the United Kingdom there comes to us a collector's piece, a masterpiece of the High fashion in his best times. There talks each other of a garment creation of Saint Laurent of the collection deprived of unbeatable Kerry Taylor as the only piece and a luxurious representation of the style vintage. It is a numbered model, from court and length to half a leg completely embroidered to hand. Meticulous jewels in the shape of drops and tears on an elegant base in color silver and champagne they give him a big elegance.

This wonderful garment has been acquired by “High fashion Online” in the Auction of the room Kerry Taylor of London in his edition “Passion for Fashion and Die textiles” in that also there has gone out to the light an important collection of the fabulous wardrobe of the mythical actress Audrey Hepburn.

But the best of the case is that dressed Saint Laurent can show it any person lover of the select fashion renting it in This signature offers a novel service. It is a question of the first online in Spain specializing in the rent of luxurious pledges of designers of the whole world. During the time and the times that the client considers it to be opportune he will be able to enjoy signatures creations like Valentino, Dior, Oscar de la Renta … designers' Mutitud will parade the creations atemporales of High fashion On Line.
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