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Everything is to point for the next edition of Modacalzado+Iberpiel, which is celebrated from March 17 until March 19 in Fair of Madrid. The contest will assemble the collections of Footwear and Complements of next Autumn - winter 2009/10, showed by approximately 500 national and foreign exhibitors. It coincides with Iberpiel, the International Fair of leather Articles and Leather goods.

Most of the women, do not know very well the reason, we take a special weakness as the shoes. Perhaps because it is the type of complement that it can ruin or enrich our outfit, or because to acquire a few nice and comfortable shoes is like finding a treasure, or perhaps because ours is the chic thing and the sophisticated thing independently of the taconazo. Now, in Modacalzado, we have a marvelous occasion the consumers and visitors of contemplating together principal marks of footwear and other leather accessories, like purses, belts, dressmaking in skin, gloves, travel goods and leather goods in general. We will know first hand what will take next winter.

Modern, bold, sophisticated, classic, free, sports... The footwear will be the big protagonist in four pavilions of the Fair, grouped in several sectors for his best location: Meter dedicated to the footwear young man and urban. Street and Chance, for sports footwear, both of street and of free time. Children, with the designs that more the children like. Elegance, with last tendencies; and Glamor, with the sophistication and elegance of materials of high quality.

The purpose of this big commercial shop window, which IFEMA organizes, is the promotion of the industries of footwear and leather goods. The fact that the Fair begins only two days after finishing that of Germany, it will propitiate the visit of Asian and Latin-American buyers. This is the first one of his two commercial appointments of the year 2009, in the one that Modacalzado+Iberpiel foresees to be provided with the participation of 500 domestic and international enterprises, between which the Spanish signatures of major prestige are inside and out of our borders, and the visit of 14.000 professionals.

The previous edition, celebrated from September 25 until last September 27, closed his doors with moderate satisfaction and a trade surplus which results overcame the initial expectations of the exhibitors. In spite of the crisis and the shutdown of the consumption, the contest received a whole of 13.312 professionals, although it meant 8 % less than in his March call.

Communicating is the important thing
A new service will be started in this edition of Modacalzado+Iberpiel. It is a question of a Newsletter directed to visitors, exhibitors, companies and other agents of the sector, with the target to open a new channel of communication, more nearby and direct, which serves to extend and to reinforce the information that till now they had receiving about the Fair. The new service will be provided with eight fixed sections: a leading article, news, parallel activities, last hour, tendencies, innovations of the signatures, opinions of the participants. It is possible to consult also in the web of the Fair:
The Department of Culture already will create for this year a National Award of Design of Fashion, provided with 30.000 euros, which will recognize the annual work of a Spanish creator, and which will take as a criterion "the originality and quality of his work, his innovation and contribution to the cultural life".

In a bulletin, the Department has affirmed his intention of comparing the fashion to the different cultural creation processes, at the time that he underlines his support to the fashionable design, both in his creative aspect and in his industrial role. This decision joins other initiatives taken in this sector, like the next creation of the National Center of Design that will have his head office in the Space Slaughterhouse of Madrid, and that will suppose, nevertheless, the dismantling of the current Museum of the Suit of Madrid, what has caused not little criticism.

For the authorization of the National Award of Design there will be born in mind the originality and quality of the work or activity recognized in the ambience of the fashionable design, his innovative character and his significance like outstanding contribution to the Spanish cultural life.

There will be constituted a Jury presided by the general manager of Fine arts, and six vowels, being one of them the prizewinner in the previous call, that this year 2009 will not exist for being the first call. The remaining members will be chosen by Fedecon (Spanish Federation of Companies of Dressmaking), the ISEM (Top Institute of Companies of Fashion), the ACME (Creators' Association of Fashion of Spain) and by two mass media specializing in the world of the fashion, still without determining.
Our collaborator Julia Sáez-Angulo has published a titled book of poems “Blasts“, a collection of poems that put in the first plane the eternal topics of the poetry: love, sadness, fleeting time, death, suspense, and also the nature and his wonderful spectacle. The authoress makes us make out that all this has a metaphysical support: God eternally calm and eternally active.

Julia Sáez-Angulo, who has been employed like journalist at diverse Spanish and foreign informative means, has cultivated like writer different literary genres. He has published five novels “”Return to Orbiña” “Days of boarding school”, “The seller of pens” “woman of the north” and “The grandson of the Indian” in addition to four histories books: “It is so easy to kill!”, “From my love to the art”, “Friends of Judit” and “Dreamers of conquered”. Also there is authoress of the notebook of poems “Creatures of the time” and she has written, between other things, monographs of plastic artists and three biographies on the Marchioness of Santa Cruz of Ynguanzo, on Dolores Marijuan, Teacher and National Inspector and on Manuel Moral, painter naif.

His last book “Blasts“ has been published for “poetry Occurred” of the Collection Spotted Blue and has qualifications that place us before different corners of the Spanish geography like “Walk along the town and court”, “Luz de Valencia“, “in the Dawn in the port of Malaga”, “Scenery from Segovia old mill“ etc.

From April 23 until April 26 the International Meeting of Wedding Fashion will take place in Ifema Door of Europe in his seventh edition, which it will assemble to 350 marks of the industry of the wedding fashion with the designs destined for the fiancées and fiancés. This contest joins the Fair “The thousand and a wedding”, foreseen for October, which is already provided with ten editions.

The buy of two wedding lounges, until last October belonging to EXPOTECNIC, will give support this year to all the commercial sectors and of promotion of this segment. “Door of Europe” is directed exclusively to the professionals of the wedding sector, with fashion of Fiancée, Fiancé, Holiday, Communion and Complements. And “The thousand and a wedding” it is faced to the public in general, with all kinds of proposals for the matrimonial event: restoration, beauty, trips, music, photo, gifts and how not, wedding fashion presented also in footbridge.

The contest Door of Europe foresees to count with the presence of 200 direct exhibitors - more than 350 represented marks - that belong to different sectors of the wedding industry, although also there will come companies dedicated to the textile for holiday and communion. Up to the date there have confirmed his participation the designers Elio Berhanyer, Modesto Lomba, Juan Duyos, Francis Montesinos, Petro Valverde and the Venezuelan Hannibal Laguna, who exhibits his creations for the first time in the fair, as well as to a nourished wedding group of the best fashionable marks of the world, which have usually presenting his collections in this contest.

The Lagoon proposals will be exhibited in the footbridge "Door of Europe", in the pavilion 4. According to the organizers, the designer has chosen this contest to present his collections of romantic, dreamy, sophisticated and very feminine fiancées, "in a bet for Madrid like big center for the promotion and commercialization of the fashion".
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