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The designer Presen Rodríguez has presented his new collection Palazzo together with the collection of jewels BVLGARI, in a faithful stage I reflect of his inspiration: the Museum of the City of Valencia, with clear reminiscences to the world of the High fashion in his purest style.

The parade has showed a finished line of evening and night dresses composed by several series. The first one in level cultivator, with colors fluorine and wink to the 50-60, which penetrates into the always basic series in black, with minigarments cocktail. And how not, a small stroke of red for a series in pleated tulle, which differs in his youth. The stamped only ones of the collection appear in a series in muslin tunics and devorées in natural silk. And finally, the handmade work of the embroidered tulles, combined with mats of gazar of silk, in the celestial series.

The collection Palazzo purifies his lines, takes his volumes to waist and gives leading role to the halter necks and necklines word of honor. The length of the pledges is marked by two proposals: I cut over the knee and the absolute length.

The jewels of the signature BVLGARI constituted the perfect complement to the fashionable collection, creating a few only sets. This signature opened recently in Valencia his second twin store in Spain, designed and conceived to lodge the collection of accessories and that is along with the shops of jewels and clocks.

Presided by the Councilwoman of Culture of the Town hall of Valencia, Mª José Alcón, the event was provided with a numerous representation of the Valencian society.
In the Lounge of the Motorcar of Madrid the award will be announced in this May to the best T-shirt design. The contest promoted by Nissan Iberia, will count in this one his first edition with a luxurious jury: Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, designer, Alaska, singer, Rafael Medina, proprietary Duke of Fair of Scalpers, Luis Juste de Nin manager of the signature Armand Bassi y Elisa Alvarez, fashionable writer of the magazine Telva.

Nissan has joined once again the world of the fashion after there summoned this contest Micron T-Contest Design that it will reward to the best T-shirt design under the topic "urbanitas". The award consists of 3.000 Euros in cash and the production of 10.000 T-shirts with the winning design.

There have met to the contest 97 students of Design and Fashion of six autonomous regions and six finalists have been already chosen. Clara Marfil, Clara de Nadal, Anais Gato, Ingrid Bratt, Laura Masias and Sonia Fuente. Of these finalists there will go out the first award that will be announced in May, during the celebration of the Lounge of the Motorcar of Madrid.

With this contest directed to the students of design, Nissan Iberia tries to bring over to his car more "urbanita", Nissan Micra, to the youngest public, in addition to turning to “Micron T-Contest Design” into a modality of the world of the design and of the fashion.
The Olympic Games of Peking support in vilo everybody especially since his famous torch has to confront thousand fortunes and protests in his trip for the different countries, but they have also his gratifying facets and even "fashion"

The American designer Ralph Lauren has been the manager of designing the outfit of the American sportsmen whom it has dressed in a patriotic target combination, red and marine, in clear reference to the flag of the country. The election seems very guessed right if we bear in mind that Ralph Lauren was the visionary who turned the jeans and the American popular pledges into luxurious pledges and that, in spite of the passed years, it is still in the summit of the success.

In his long trajectory Ralph Lauren designed first masculine clothes later was thrown to the woman's fashion, a few pledges of functional style for the stores Bloomingdales quite under the sign of the classicism and the untemporality. In 1979 it threw his mark “Pole Western Wear” at very high prices, which the taste impelled in the whole world for the pledges of American tradition. It specialized in the use of textiles and popular materials and natives designed of sophisticated and elitist form. It is sure that his designs for the Olympics will be successful and will set a little of glamor to the difficult Olympic games
The fashion for the man acquires every day a major importance. They worry about renewing also his closet period after period and about following the tendencies, but it keeps on being the feminine fashion the one that supports the pavilion of the Spanish textile. This is at least what the reports of the special organs say.

Throughout the year 2007 the Spanish sector of the dressmaking, one of the principal engines of our economy, generated a production concerning 11.360 million euros and gave employment to nearly 200.000 persons. In this set he emphasizes the production during this year of the feminine exterior pledges with more than 150 million pledges. According to the last numbers of the CITYC – center of Textile information and of the Dressmaking - those that more have taken place in the Spanish industries of the hosiery there are the jerseis, pullovers and vests. A whole of 37 ´5 million pledges. They continue with enough dirferencia in numbers the production of shirts, blouses, poles, suits and sets.

The sales on the outside keep on growing. For the Spanish companies the internationalization is essential for his business and someone have obtained a notable éxpansión throughout last years as they are Zara, Handle, Cortefiel, Adolfo Domínguez. that are very well posicionadas in other countries. The Spanish exports concentrate especially in Portugal, France Italy and the United Kingdom. Out of Europe he emphasizes Mexico, a market that demonstrates an extraordinary interest in the Spanish fashionable products. 

In spite of the advances of the fashion for them it is clear that the Spanish textile rests handle everything in the pledges devoted to the women.
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