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The young Spanish designers have happened he quotes one more period in The Ego of the Footbridge Cibeles. Every time there is major the aftereffect of this contest that thinks about how to grant a presence to those that do his first immersions in the world of the fashion.

Between the most veteran designers of this meeting we emphasize Beachcouture, the mark created in 2004 by Ann Ynzenga, Israel Rodríguez and Beatriz Sebastián. In continuity with his taste for dressing a feminine, sophisticated and avant-garde woman, and inspired in the fashion of the 20s, they have titled to his collection Retrospectives. They emphasize the minigarments, the high pants and with volume or the swimsuits - T-shirts. As in other occasions, they resort to basic colors like the white person and the black combined with the gray, the beige, the red one or the toasting. The forms, in harmony with the color, are also basic, but bootblacks, finishes and of silky volumes. As for the complements, one bets for maxi purses, the high belts and the booties.

One of the designers debutantes in the footbridge was Gemma Degara. His collection is based on the marine world. Sirens and jellyfish begin to show to the patterns, and his mysterious and slippery air suggests viscous textiles and cotton, as well as soft colors tinted with the silver-plating and the fluorescent rose. There triumph the long louse-fitting shirts, the hood, the scraps hanging and the leggins.

The 90s have been the inspiration source in the first parade of Maria Escoté of Barcelona. The high shoulder pads and the waists of wasp give form to a winning woman and little yuppie. The icons of the moment there appear in the T-shirts like the face of the doll Barbie or the pattern of Spider Man. He bets for the strong and combined colors if, like the electrical blue and the yellow lemon, or the black and the fuchsia.

Juanmabyelcuco is one of the veterans of the Ego Cibeles. It presented a collection of clothes of holiday in which they predominated over the volumes abullonados in the arms and in the hips marking the waist with thin belts. It gives a lot of importance to the designing of his garments, in which thousands of creases can be seen. The color covers with stars ink was blue combined with black and ivory. The textiles are glossed, giving a glamor touch. The shoulder pads return strongly, showing to a woman grace ochentenos and rockers with the black pasta glasses.
Like the world footbridges always started with the first footbridge in New York. We continue that the Fair from Bryant Park to tell you the advances of the spring 2008 in version US … The Week neoyorkina there was replete with American outstanding figures Donna Karan, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Michael Corrs, Tommy Hilfiger, Marc Jacobs, Vera Wang, in addition to other new American designers and some assiduous foreigners of the footbridges neyorkinas like Carolina Herrera, Oscar de la Renta, Diana von Furstenberg, Lacoste, Max Azria, BCBG, Custo, Luca Luca …

Ralph Lauren celebrated his 40 birthdays in the fashion with a pass replete with well-known faces. Many others were also in all the parades. Aureen Lauder, the daughter of Bush, Demi Moore, Ivana Trump and daughter, Victoria Beckham, all supporting the designers.

As advance we can affirm that the fashion coincides with a comeback to the superfeminine silhouettes, with romantic women with a certain air retro 40 and 50. In the next number of Asmoda in the section Tendencies we will tell you what every designer has contributed to the new tendencies of next spring 2008.
In the last periods the fashion, with his options variety, seemed to adapt itself to all the situations, but in spite of the garments plenty baby doll, shirts, dressed in high size etc. the future moms need to be provided in his closet with special pledges for them which they should be comfortable and elegant. That's why the Department of Fashion Allies of El Corte Ingles there has thrown a collection premom in whom there becomes clear the philosophy of the mark that centers especially on an attention specialized for the client.

It allies has thrown a collection of current pledges, adapted to the last dictations of the fashion in which the pants abound of finished brilliant, the macro jerséis, the monkeys and the wide and short garments easily combinables with the leggins and the jackboots. His designs are always renewed monthly trying to make something different, more and more comfortable and elegant in accordance with the tastes of the most demanding woman. According to the news that shuffle in the textile sector the fashion pre-mom is a market in full expansion since the birthrate, which was quite low in Spain in the latter years, tends to rise and this will influence significantly the expansion of the sales of a sector that every time there deserves more attention of the signatures that try to combine fashion with specializing products and of quality.
The exclusive collection Autumn - winter of feminine Prêt-à-porter, “Tex by Max Azria” is the result of the alliance between Carrefour, pioneer of the big world distribution, and the designer Max Azria, General Manager and Founder of the Californian group BCBGMAXAZRIA.

After several years in the profession this franco-American well-known designer who has dressed women as Sharon Stone or Jennifer López, star between the creators, was gasping to offer to all the women his wide knowledge on fashion. It is for his famous person “must have” that he is met worldwide.

With his Chic Chance style, the designer offers a glamor touch to all the women across his collections. Carrefour and Max Azria have decided to make use of his talent and knowledge to do to propose and to make the best of the fashion accessible to all the women, with a very creative design.


This collection autumn - winter 2007/08, the first time that a distribution ensign associates his mark with a creator of prêt-à-porter, is destined for women who look beyond the basic thing and is characterized for:

- clothes and "essential" complements in the feminine closet with guessed right and current lines.
- collections “chance elegance” that continue the last tendencies in his different lines, from the most "chance" thing to the most formal pledges.
- a feminine creative line, at accessible prices, prepared to be consumed without moderation, in exclusive sale in the shops Carrefour.
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