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Three complementary exhibitions, from zero to four, the International Fair of Babycare and FIMI, the International Fair of Infantile and Juvenile Fashion of Valencia, have introduced this sector of the fashion in 68th edition: across “of walk and transport of the baby, the furniture for the early childhood and accessories, a light babycare, numerous textile articles, the layettes, the toys for the early childhood or the infantile and juvenile fashion”. 

There are authentic business fairs and they have consolidated positions in these crisis times to having centred on markets destined for babies: these contests are directed to a very specializing and professional public. And the best test of it, it is his assertion for the next fair like shop window of the future tendencies and innovations. 

FIMI FASHION SHOW, the footbridge and one of the poles of attraction registered an entire full house; it has presented the innovations for the period Autumn - winter 2009-2010, with 10 fashionable signatures like protagonists: AKR Kids; Barcarole; DDP; Elisa Menuts; Giesswein; Turning it; Gorilla; Me Too; Mim-Pi and Tuc Tuc. 

In entire sound 220 the exhibitors of whom 28 % is foreign, proceeding from 17 countries and almost 400 the marks. In the countries ranking, stand out the members of the EU as Germany, France, Italy, Portugal or the United Kingdom continued by countries as Australia, Canada or the United States. Italy is the biggest consumer and Portugal the biggest importer although Mexico every time buys more Spanish fashion in spite of the difference between euro and dollar. 

The global invoicing in the latter year overcame 608 million euros; while the national invoicing amounted to 460 million euros and the exportation was located in 148 million euros. It is clear that to dress the new generations will never stop being a good business.

For Marosa Montañés Duato.
You adorn in gold and silver, precious stones, pearls, gold work, watchmaker's and complementary manufactures, like the machinery, the estuchado or the window dressing, they gave themselves appointment in Iberjoya, International Lounge of Jewelry shop, Silver, Watchmaker's and Related Industries. Between 14 and on January 18, the innovations appeared in Ifema in high jewelry shop and jewelry shop of consumption, of attractive designs. 

So much the classic jewel, of baroque and romantic design, like the most avant-garde and current lines, we contemplate them in Iberjoya, which has coincided with this edition with other similar fairs, as Intergift, International Lounge of the Gift, and Bisutex, International Lounge of the Costume jewelry and Complements. Three fairs, also, have released promotional image with the mark Giftrends Madrid. 

Of form parallel to the commercial exhibition, which has included 16.000 square meters, the fair has been a stage of diverse informative activities destined to impel the value of the jewelry shop in the context of the fashion and the culture. Between them, the interesting exhibition of jewels and suits of the movie ambientada in the court of Felipe II “The Conspiracy of El Escorial”, sponsored by Lancaster Italy Watches, mark of luxurious clocks, which has assembled garments and objects of the movie, showing the artistic and cultural wealth of the epoch of major splendor of Spain. For example, the famous patches that the Princess of Éboli was combining with his garments adorned with pearls and spangles; an exact reproduction of the magnificent sword of Felipe II; or a bracelet belonging to Secretary Real Antonio Pérez, incredible jewel of gold and diamonds.

In the ambience of the Fair it has presented to itself also Tendencies Iberjoya that, across a spectacular multimedia assembly, with effects of light and sound, it showed the innovations most emphasized from the offer of the fair in the sector of the jewelry shop.
The fair Bread and Butter, the German lounge of the urban fashion celebrated recently in Barcelona, has said goodbye seems that definitely of the city of a count. In his last July edition it had received 100.000 visitors who, according to estimation of the organizers, had left about 100 millions in three scarce days of duration. That's why the announcement that from now on it will be celebrated again in Germany, specifically in the ancient Tempelhof airport, has been like a shake inside the world of the Catalan fashion that has suffered in the latter years several oscillations and negative controversies for the image of Barcelona like capital of the fashion that it had shown with splendor in other epochs.

We all remember the "battles" between the footbridge Gaudi and the Footbridge Cibeles and the impossibility of the only footbridge that had fought insistently in the most significant fashionable ambiences. The Footbridge Gaudi creator of the formula – it began in 1984 one year rather than Cibeles - stopped existing for one we believe that wrong decision with the politics as fund. It was said then that Barcelona was betting for a younger and avant-garde fashion with presentations in which the art and the culture had an important role, but, although it has achieved some successes in this area, he has suffered the march of important designers who have decided on surer bets. Josep Font and Custo Barcelona have demolished to Paris and other designers of success like Lydia Delgado, Guillermina Baeza, Situated Murt and recently a name of so many roots in Catalonia like Antonio Miró they have enlisted in the Footbridge Cibeles.

We hope that the latter events should make reflect on the persons in charge of the Generalitat and the Town hall and should look for formulae more according to the reality and the solidarity that are capable of returning to Barcelona the prestige of a pioneering city inside the Spanish fashion, a prestige that should never have lost.
During the days from February 23 until February 25 there will take place the sale of the wonderful art collection of the designer Saint Laurent died June of last year. According to the auctions signature Christie's talks each other of “one of the most sumptuous private collections of our time”. It is anticipated that what it will be collected in the auction it can range between the 300 and 500 million euros that will serve to finance a foundation destined for the investigation of the AIDS.

The collection is formed by more than 700 exceptional pieces, a varied set within reach of few pockets, between that they represent pictures of Picasso, Cezanne and Mondrian, Degas and Matisse together with pieces of all the styles and of all the epochs like “music Instruments on a gueridón” dear in approximately 40 million euros and a varied movable “art deco”, you represent of bronze of Chinese origin of the century XVlll and up to a Roman masculine torso of the century l.

These pieces were assembled by Saint Laurent and his associate Pierre Bergé for 50 years. Now, hereditary Bergé of Saint Laurent has decided to get rid of all this wealth because he thinks that it is something much more useful and sure than to leave them to a museum. “If of something I am proud he says - it is of the demand that so much Yves as I have reached port to the buy of these objects” he has declared Bergé who has always been considered to be a wide-awake businessman.

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