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"12 suits for Istanbul" it is the title of the Sample that is exhibited in the Academy of the Fashion of Istanbul until next October 20, and that consists of the fact that several Spanish designers have dressed diverse personages of the Hispanic literature. The initiative has organized the Spanish Department of Culture with the impulse of the Creators' Association of Fashion of Spain, of which he is president Modesto Lomba, who certainly will take part soon also in the International Congress of Fashion (CIM2008) in Madrid.

The idea, as he tells the police station of the exhibition, Concha Hernández, is "to dress our big works of the literature", a project that was received by real enthusiasm" by the Spanish couturiers. From a text of a significant work of each of the chosen authors, the designers were employed at his suits. The designs are a fruit, in words of Modesto Lomba, president of the Association Creator of Fashion of Spain, of "two luminosities of those that the country informs: the one that gives him the Atlantic Ocean and the one that bathes the Mediterranean".

The literary authors on whom this exhibition is based are: Gabriel García Márquez, Antonio Gamoneda, Carlos Fuentes, Antonio Muñoz Molina, Carmen Martín Gaite and Maria Zambrano. Devotee and Lomba, for example, was inspired by a passage of "Hundred years of solitude", of the Colombian Nóbel Gabriel García Márquez to make a worn out garment by means of triangular creases; Ágatha Ruiz of the Prada identified with the protagonist of "Ilona comes with the rain", of the Colombian Álvaro Mutis to create the outfit of a woman to his 40 and so many people, sure but infantile; Alma Aguilar dresses in one of his suits the widow of "Five hours with Mario", of Miguel Delibes, with a black garment of a little high size and court princess; Ailanto based on the Mexican Carlos Fuentes of "The years with Laura Díaz"; the Spastor have been inspired by the poem "Latitude, Mandorla", of José Ángel Valente, creating a rigorous black overcoat; Francis Montesinos adorns Carlota Fainberg with an elaborated garment of flowers and frills, personage of Antonio Muñoz Molina; and Lydia Delgado gives an outfit with oriental reminiscences the young woman of "Quarter of marvels", of writer Rosa Chacel

At the opening of the Sample there were present also representatives of the Department of Culture of Turkey, in addition to personages of the fashion and the Turkish arts.
Dijous, the exclusive signature of jewels of El Corte Ingles, has presented his collection for the period autumn - winter 2008-2009. They emphasize the pieces with style vintage and bohemian chic and in general the enameled pieces of capricious forms. The design and the production of these jewels have been realized in Italy.

The gold and the silver brilliant in all his variants and shiny, yellow pink and black, keep on being a must in his collections. They emphasize the semiprecious stones as the onyx and agate that there join other enameled synthetic materials of big effect that contribute a good fantasy dose. The signature has captured in a bracelet and in a pendant a Bohemian version of his logotype.

The concept of playing with the diamonds and with the jewels it is the base of the inspiration of Dijous whose origin of the name arose from the union of two words. "Say" of diamonds and "jous" of the verb "jouer", that it means to play in French. As been the result from this original way of working with the jewels and of combining the materials there have arisen pieces of nice and fantastic designs with forms and volumes, sheens and surprising effects and very new tacts transformed into a few very special jewels. The signature Dijous is present in the centers of El Corte Ingles in Spain and Portugal.
The EGO Cibeles presents the collections of young promises of the Spanish design. This year for the first time has been integrated to the set of "Madrid Fashion Week" since sometimes previous they were presenting his form collections idependiente in Alcala 51. In the latter edition 16 designers have taken part in eight double parades. Nine of them made début in this footbridge in accordance with the system of already habitual rotation.

The EGO has had also his award L'Oreal to the best collection that has relapsed into Serguei Povaguin that has presented an imaginative and classic collection simultaneously with the intention - as has told the proper designer - of offering a reflection on the feminine thing.

Serguei Povaguin is native to Klintst (Russia) although he lives in Spain for some years. It graduated in Design of Fashion and Textile for the Higher institute of learning of Design of Sabadell-ESDI - and for the University of Southampton. This has not been his first award but it has in his credit a series of trophies. In the year 2002 the award gained Purée White to the best collection of ModaFad and the final project of career "Flamenco2 that appeared in London and in Berlin, a collection inspired by the dance and by the movement.

From September, 2004 he has designed three consecutive collections for the Mexican team of soccer Kids and a series of uniforms for different companies of Mexico. It has taken part twice consecutive in the Barcelona Bridal Week with two fiancée's collections and has created also its own company that devotes itself to "pret to porter" and also to the seam to measurement. Congratulations Serguei!
FIMI to the service of the integration of the children with some type of disability: this is the key summary of 67th edition of the international fair of the infantile and juvenile fashion. The signature of an agreement between FIMI and the ONCE, has made it possible and children of this Foundation have paraded with models of the taking part companies.

A whole of 244 companies, of which 40 % is foreign, proceeding from Italy, Portugal and Brazil, has exhibited his innovations for the next period: the new tendencies point towards the natural resources, in the care of the nature and they are centred on cotton textiles, linen twill or fresh silks; in intense colors as the yellow, red one or fuchsia, blue sea or target. Everything what it demands next spring or demands the summer of 2009.

Also, in this FIMI edition, the commercial relations have increased with buyers of other countries, especially of the Arab European Union, Russia and Emirates.
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