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Organized by the Top Center of Design of Fashion of the Polytechnical University of Madrid (CSDMM) and the Association Fashion, University and Company (AMUE), there will be celebrated in Madrid I International Congress of Fashion (CIM2008) in the unbeatable frame of the Museum of the Suit on the 22nd, October 23 and 24, 2008, a valuable occasion to assemble to important personalities of the world of the fashion and the culture.

CIM 2008 will be, especially, a forum of communication and debate on the Fashion and his implications in the social and economic ambience. He tries to encourage the connections with other disciplines that are interrelated with her, as there are the Company, the Culture, the Art, the Technology, the Press and the Environment. For it, there will be conferences, communications, posters and round tables, as well as an attraction programmes of special activities.

Between the important invited personalities of international fame they will help the French sociologist Gilles Lipovetsky; the semiólogo specialist in art Omar Calabresse; the expert in fashion, industry and market Verónica Manlow, in addition to famous designers like Roberto Verino, between others.

The Scientific Committee of CIM2008 is formed by Enrique Loewe, President of the Foundation Loewe; Ángel Asensio, President of the Spanish Federation of Companies of the Dressmaking (FEDECON); Andrés Carretero, the Director of the Museum of the Suit; and Diana Fernández, teacher of History of the Suit of the CSDMM. The Executive board is formed by diverse persons of the organizing entities.

At present, the term of reception is opened for the mailing of summaries of Communications and Posters, which ends on March 19 (e-mail: It is possible to complete information in

As in other editions, it has been present, between 15 and February 17, in the International Lounge of the Fashion of Madrid (SIMM). Our magazine online was provided with a stand for which there happened numerous persons, both exhibitors and visitors and press, interested in the Association Fashion, University and Company (AMUE). Most they subscribed of free form to our magazine. The President of AMUE and Director of our magazine, Josefina Figueras, signed also numerous copies of his books.

We will be also present in the edition of Modacalzado and Iberpiel, which will be celebrated from March 7 until March 9 in Fair of Madrid. We wait for you again in our stand for all those that should want to meet us straight.

FIMI, the international fair of the infantile and juvenile fashion of Valencia presented the new tendencies for the next autumn - winter, in his 66 edition and to any cane: since it is a question of stations where the cold, the wind and the water of the rain mark what the children will have to dress to be protected from the inclemencies of the time, the textures of the new fashion point at the sheets, at the water and at the wood.

As the autumn sheets have lost his original green color and are dyed of ocres and more warm tonalities, the new textiles present neutral natural and ecological colors combined with living tones in flannel, Welsh, wools, and tweed; the skirts will be planked, the cigaret pants, and the shirts of several lengths, and with creases

And as all the well-known forms of life depend on the Water, in the fashion autumn - winter 08-09, the blue deep ones are present, the metallic tones, and the velveteen and twills combined with quilted synthetics. The wood remains reflected in the cloths and in the color without complexes: fuchsia with red and orange, blue oil, dark brown green. In synthesis: all that that provides light and heat to overcome the cold winter.

In Fimi, there have been present international signatures of Portugal, Denmark, France, Italy, the United Kingdom and Brazil. And like this year 2008, the city of Valencia is a head office of the Formula 1, simulated circuit was a stage of the footbridges and it constituted the whole dynamic space where the games and experiences, the colors and the forms gave themselves appointment.
Two of the cultural events most emphasized from our country, the gastronomy and the fashion, have fused in a book that gathers the photos of the plates prepared by 39 cooks, in collaboration with 39 designers who showed his proposals in some of two calls of Footbridge Cibeles 2007. The new tendencies, both in the fashion and in the kitchen, constitute an example of innovation in the world of the culture of Madrid.

In this book promoted by IFEMA and the Community of Madrid, designers and cooks have collaborated closely to offer a work without precedents in the publishing scene of our country, capable of joining two activities linked to the creation. Figures as Mario Sandoval, Sergi Arola, Andrés Madrigal or Pedro Larumbe have prepared surprising plates inspired by the tendencies and conception of the fashion of Francis Montesinos, Jesus del Pozo, Lemoniez or Amaya Arzuaga, between others.

“Fashion and Gastronomy” it is a work replete with originals culinary proposals. Every page of the book edited by Everest, it contains a collection of photos of the couple of designer and cook responsible for every recipe, together with the image of the elaborated plate.

The photos and coordination of the work have been responsible for It hoes Ormaechea. This reputable cook and photographer values this proposal as a very interesting challenge. “The cooks we have concentrated very much on the fashion to grow and to evolve, and this book represents an opportunity to show until point both worlds are connected between themselves”. He makes sure that “just as the way of dressing defines up to a point the person, the election of a restaurant also contributes interesting information on the personality of the one who chooses it”. And it concludes, “between stoves also periods and tendencies differ, as in the footbridges”.
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