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From September 25 until September 27 there will be celebrated in the Fair of Madrid (Ifema) the next edition of Modacalzado+Iberpiel, International Lounge of Footwear and leather Articles. It is foreseen that the final number of participants in this call, in which the collections appear for the Spring - summer 2009, is located concerning 500 companies.

Modacalzado+Iberpiel is one of three most excellent specializing meetings of Europe and the principal shop window of promotion in Spain. And also he is the best exponent in the world of the high level and creativity of the Spanish shoe. It concentrates 70 % of the entire production of the national industry and the best Spanish and foreign marks as for design, quality and innovation

As in the previous years, the sample will articulate his offer concerning several sectors, to facilitate the deals. This way, the topic Meter is assembled by the urban footwear, more cool, young man and with bold proposals; Chance it agglutinates fashion for the free time; in Child, the whole infantile footwear, with colors and entertaining designs; in Colours the widest and commercial scales can meet big and small signatures; Elegance presents the last tendencies for the most dynamic market; and Glamor shows sophistication and elegance, in designs of high quality.

IBERPIEL will be located in a new space, along with the Chic sector. This new place in the fair will provide to the signatures of purses and complements major leading role in the set of the contest.

During the Fair, World Global Style Network, international portal specializing in fashion and tendencies, will give a Seminar directed to professionals, to show the tendencies and colors that will mark the fashion in the Spring - summer 2009, as well as an advance of the proposals of next Autumn - winter 2009/10.

In what it refers to visitors, the contest thinks that it will receive about 15.000 professionals of the whole Spain and nearly 3.500 international ones proceeding from Europe and other continents.
On the verge of fulfilling forty eight editions, Cibeles initiates a new stage and updates his image. For it there have been realized changes that they affect to diverse aspects; between them the name that will be Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week”. Also, an innovative footbridge model has been designed so that in the same stage they will have fitted the consecrated designers and the proposals of the young designers across the platform “Ego“ that integrates thus into the general parades calendar.

In this September call, the biggest participation of his history will assemble the mythical Footbridge. For 5 days - from September 15 until September 19 - 52 designers will present his collections in 42 parades, projecting the most finished panorama of the Fashion in Spain. Devotee and Lomba will open the program of this edition that during the first four days will receive them proposed for the Spring - summer 2009 of 36 creators in 32 parades, four of double them. Friday, the 19th will be entirely the day of the creative young people of “Ego“ where there will happen the proposals full of innovation of the current promises of the Spanish design.

In the next number, our magazine Asmoda will offer a wide and detailed information of the parades and of the proposals of the principal designers.
Spain has every day a prestige more consolidated facing the exterior with reference to the wedding fashion. In the week of the Wedding Fashion Door of Europe they emphasized the creations of several designers of the first line, between them of the signature Novissima directed by Charo Perez, which has created two collections for the fiancée 2009: The Colletion and Vintage.

The Collection presents very current designs adorned with embroideries of jewels in thread of silk and crystal of swarovski with textiles like Mikado Organdi and the organzas pleated for a line of Greek inspiration. The laces appear in the tendency line empire with color details in velvet. The most traditional garments are not missing in this collection with solid, level textiles and mikados with very worn out embroideries and sumptuous garments with false tails capable of giving two versions of the same garment.

The collection Vintage is based on big volumes and frills with sashes of color that are already an outstanding figure The Newest in the collections. The inspiration of this collection is necessary to look for it in the light of the Mediterranean and the light of Sorolla that has filled with clarity the garments with the target broken like color of reference. The smooth textiles prosper with blond laces of chantilly and the sashes of color with long falls with crystal embroideries.
Gratacós, one of the companies of textiles with more crossbeam in Barcelona, organized an original exhibition in his shop of Walk of Grace. The sample exhibits 144 versions of the cravat; 144 Gratacós that the designer Núria Baulies has created. The staging has gone in charge of Giosafat, an Italian artist who has had, departing from mathematical concepts, the cravats in 144 buckets.

Baulies has conceived the cravat as a textile opened with two deep cuts, which it allow to hold in very different ways on the shoulders, the head, the hip, the torso or the neck, turning this way into an independent pledge that goes beyond being a simple accessory. Every cravat has been thought like the only work of art, which serial, numbered and identified in the catalogs of the first exhibition “144 Gratacós of Art to Use” offers itself collectors of the whole world.

The exhibition is constructed on a numerical base that turns concerning an omnipresent number in the history of the man and a constant in the Mediterranean culture: 12. 144 cravats exist. Every bucket measures 144 mm of edge and has inscribed the number that him corresponds from the 1 to 144. Nuria Baulies believe a model of original cravat that it develops in this exhibition by means of 144 changes. The collection divides in 12 series of 12 cravats the only pieces. Every bucket includes a catalog of 12x144 cm. There exist 12 different catalogs, one for every series. This exhibition was conceived for the year 2008 that for being leap is 366 days old; The price of every Bucket Gratacós is 366 euros.

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