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With the motto “it is Already a spring”, El Corte Ingles has presented his new proposals across a campaign based on the use of the nature as synonymous fashionably. This time the campaign was presented to the mass media with a fantastic staging. The journalists we were invited to bring in a few cars of the meter at a station recently inaugurated in that everything was different. Nothing to see with the daily and boring normal displacements of the meter, not with the difficulties of the hours “top“. It was a question of entering a wonderful garden with real plants and lawn of the purest bucolic style … A few models dressed in the last tendencies crossed that nature waste on wheels. When it finished our trip we rise to a few rooms of the metro station turned also into a garden in which they were representing pictures and furniture gilded between the verdure and the freshness of the plants.

The journalists installed in this wonderful garden we find out about the last fashionable proposals directed a modern and very current woman and about all the details of the campaign led by the Belgian model Elise Crombez. The musical group Delafe livened up the act. The spring fashion was presenting summed up in a few well definite tendencies: "Lady Safari” with certain air retro in neutral tones and ethnic patterns, Copacabana for the nights of holiday, with long garments monocolor to itself. The third tendency bases on the duo of the success in this spring, the white person and the black who share honors with the yellow color the sun in the stamped suits. The style “Study 54” proposes a revival of the 80s to us with spangles, streaks of colors and metallized effects. And finally, the allied spring big ones: the flowers, big and small in the scale of the blue, purple and green ones.
Spain leads successfully the wedding fashion. In the latter years there has grown the number of exports and the number of industrialists and designers who direct his efforts and his creativity to the wedding suits. According to the last numbers during 2007 Spain sold to other countries fashionable articles wedding at the price of 416 million euros. The number increased in 9 ´47 for hundred with regard to two years ago. The countries that received our products were Portugal, Italy, Germany, France, Mexico, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Before this information and perspectives they receive a big interest the fashionable declarations wedding that are going to be celebrated in this spring period. The first one in detaching will be the sixth edition of Door of Europe, an International Meeting that assembles signatures fashionably wedding and ceremony of the whole world. There will be celebrated in the pavilion 9 of the Fair of Madrid and will assemble about 200 exhibitor and more than 360 mark.

The enclosure Big Route of the Fira of Barcelona will receive in the Pavilion 8 on the 30th and 31st of May and June 1, the International Lounge Noviaespaña. This footbridge has been chosen by signatures of the size of Rosa Clará, Victorio and Lucchino, Pronovias, Jesus Peiró. Them there join international designers of category as Karl Lagerfeld who presented last year for the first time in movement his collection for Rosa Clará. The Footbridge and the Lounge integrate in the Barcelona Bridal Week-Noviaespaña that celebrates this year his 18th edition.
This is the motto of the exhibition - homage to Elio Berhanyer who will be inaugurated in September in the Museum of the Suit of Madrid and who will gather the trajectory of this designer whose life and work are a clear reflex of the evolution of the Spanish fashion in the last fifty years. The organizers are searching for models well kept in the closets of his most emblematic clients … The sociologist Pedro Mansilla is the Commissioner of this exhibition that will coincide with the celebration of the First International Congress of Fashion that will be celebrated in the same museum between the 22nd and 24th of October. The conferees will have occasion to see the exhibition and to talk on the work of the designer.

The exhibition will include models of the first epoch of Elio Berhanyer, when it presented in the year 60 his first collection in Madrid and surprised with his two-color fashion of geometric style and his bold and suggestive combinations that took his big flowers hats as a counterpoint. The weight of Elio's fashion in the Spain of the 60s and 70s, which reached also very notable successes abroad, will be a good modality to know the importance that had in our country the High fashion.

We will see also in the future exhibition the evolution of the fashion of this creator who was praised towards positions less rigid and more romantic that demonstrate his versatility and his adaptation to the times and circumstances. The long Berhanyer trajectory will remain reflected in the models presented in the Footbridge Cibeles from last 13 years who suppose a seam fit with capital letter and of good to do in our most quoted Footbridge.
In The Gallery Ra of the King of Madrid there took place the presentation of the novel “The grandson of the Indian” of collaborating Julia Sáez Angulo of The novel narrates the meeting of two students of classic Sciences in the Complutense University of Madrid that will give place to a deep friendship prolonged in the time. Friendship that is going to give sense and continuity to a few solitary lives, that of Pelayo, the grandson of an Indian who is counting the vital incident of his ancestors in Chile and in Asturias, in parallel to that of Nun of the Order of St Clare, a woman with two daughters who has to face the difficulties of not always easy environment.

They are personages with a common connection, his knowledge of the Latin, the Greek and the Greco-Roman mythology what gives place to a reflection on the importance of the classic languages and the knowledge that his authors shut up. In sum, it is a question of a novel on the friendship as need and energy for the life, along with the pleasure of the knowledge and the shared knowledge of the outstanding figures.

Julia Sáez Angulo Graduated in Right and Journalism, Postgraduate in Language and French Civilization by the Sorbona and L. certify for the West London Colllege to yourself, it has been employed in the field of the Culture at diverse Spanish and foreign informative means. Also in our magazine it deals with preference of the cultural topics and of everything related to the art. He has published several books “! It is so easy to kill!”, “From my love to the art” “Friends of Judit” etc. Previously one has his credit to the newly presented novel another four novels: "Return to Orbiña”, “Days of boarding school” “seller of pen” and “The woman of the north”. Also she is an authoress of several books of poems.
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