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Movies: Fortunes of one “fashion victim
“Confessions of a compulsive buyer” an entertaining and luminous history is on a girl, Rebecca Bloomwood (Isla Fisher), who works like economic journalist, although his sleep in fact is to enter the most influential fashionable magazine of New York. Rebecca shares apartment with his best friend, Suze (Krysten Ritter), but it is unable to come in order month and to pay the rent to his friend, because there wears out everything what it gains in expensive clothes. And problem is that it has a "child": she is a compulsive buyer. Although of good heart and healthy intentions of restructuring, it adores the nice things, the debts and the most surprising pledges are accumulated to him in his closet. His voice in off to the beginning of the movie tells that his mother was always buying to him brown pledges so that they lasted, but she, from kidling, it had already discovered that there existed another wonderful world of dressed brilliant and luxurious and beautiful objects. 

In the style of “The devil dresses of Prada”, “Sex in New York” and “27 garments”, Manhattan and his exclusive and glamorous shops are the stage for this romantic comedy – small boy finds, girl loses boy, girl recovers boy - fills with life and with truly outstanding aspects, like the sincere friendship between two friends or the familiar values that traslucen in the relation of Rebecca's parents.
The marks are parading the movie for the most privileged pockets, like Prada, Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci, Dior, Fendi, Burberry, Cavalli, Versace, Dolce and Gabbana or Vuitton, between many others. The proper protagonist shows wonderful purses and shoes, which it combines with pledges that he acquires also, to blow of poke, in the balances and outlets, mixing colors and pledges with very kitsch esthetics, especially the bridesmaid's horrifying garment in the wedding of his friend. Of that there has taken charge Patricia Field, stylist of “Sex in New York” and of “The devil dresses of Prada”, that shows also elegant holiday garments. 

The scriptwriters contribute a very vivacious rhythm that does not droop, with the typical ambiguities and with tender moments, although also the crazy scenes abound up to the histrionics. In some memorable scenes it goes over to the guffaw, as in the "conversation" with the manikins of the shop windows, or the therapy meeting in the Association of Anonymous Compulsive Buyers. Also interesting messages as that come “it is necessary to read the small letter” of the things, which it is not possible to accumulate, or which the sincerity, the honesty and the credibility of the persons is what it counts. 

The movie is very entertaining and you will spend a good moment if you are going to see it. Only the coloring that it already has raises the fortitude. 

Title role:

Direction: P. J. Hogan
I distribute: Isla Fisher, Hugh Dancy, Krysten Ritter, Joan Cusack, John Goodman, Leslie Bibb, Kristin Scott Thomas, John Lithgow, Julie Hagerty, Lynn Redgrave, Nick Cornish, Robert Stanton, Victoria Roman.
Script: Tim Firth, Tracey Jackson
Producer: Touchstone Pictures, Jerry Bruckheimer Films
Distributor: Walt Disney Pictures Buenavista
Wardrobe: Patricia Field
Yera jumps to the street
Between the multiple innovations that El Corte Ingles presents in his already famous spring he emphasizes that it "covers" one of his collections with stars: Yera a creative and accessible young collection both in his urban and sports version and in his garments of holiday.

The most informal and sports Yera facet is found by us in his sets of pants or skirt and T-shirts between which they dominate the horizontal streaks with certain seaworthy air but that respects one of the combinations most used by the fashion of the latter times: white person and black.

A very present unbeatable spring set in the collection the tailors are a pants: targets colonial style with belt, in denim and jacket type blazer and of classic style in clear tones. In other models the pants are allied by the huntress or by the elegance of the jackets of leather.

The clear influence of the 60s begins to show in some garments two-color black and white. The blouses of superlight textiles are nourished also of some very current characteristics as there are the asymmetries and the floral patterns. Sometimes these blouses serve like complement of the sets in living tones like fuchsia or orange. Resided it could not be missing either and it sees his seriousness neutralized with skirts stamped with small frills.

The black turns out to be alone in the hours most dressed in the shape of very stylized sets of top and pants or taking the form of “petite steal to nongo” with spangles to the tone. Gray pearl in sateen is another proposal in a model sesentero with stones about the neckline.
La Rioja is born Style
In moments of crisis the best ideas arise and this is one of them: the companies riojanas together with the designers of the Creators' Association of the Fashion Of Spain - Angel Schlesser, David Delfin, Devotee and Lomba, Juan Duyos, Francis Montesinos and Roberto Torretta - have joined his forces facing the future by means of the merger of the design, the innovation and the avant-garde.

From this form it has arisen “the Rioja Style” that joins to the sector vinícola-wine vaults, which furniture is the principal factor, with other sectors like those of the footwear, tourism, metal and textile, between others that shape the managerial reality of the Rioja. The initiative has been promoted by the Businessmen's Federation of the Rioja and supported by the Government of this autonomy with the Creators' collaboration of Fashion of Spain, ACME.

La Rioja Style sets off of studying the market of the companies as well as the work of the taking part designers deciding that designer is most adapted to work jointly with a company determined according to his work, his image of mark and the productive and commercial possibilities of the company. So the final product stems from three props on which the initiative rests: the company, which contributes technical office, the fashionable designer who contributes creativity and marks and the team of direction “Strategy and Managerial Innovation” that contributes the technical consultancy.
Agatha Ruíz de la Prada and his patterns
In the Museum of the Printing of the locality of Barcelona of Premiá of Sea an exhibition is exhibited with the illustrations of this designer who will remain opened until May 8. Big part of the exhibition is based on infantile designs with Agatha's habitual icons - streaks, ships of role, flowers, fruits - and they are part of the museum thanks to a donation. There are a sample dedicated to periods of ends of the 80 together with some current pieces.

The designer was present in the opening in which there took place an affectionate Round table in which three ancient workers of the textile industry took part.

The Museum of the Printing of Premiá of Sea is placed in the ancient gas factory and in his rooms XVlll finds the textile printing of Catalonia explained from his beginnings in the century until our days. He invites us to know the secrets of the color, the natural colourings and the synthetics and all the processes and skills of the machinery. Also it gives the possibility to the visitor of he proving the printing skills himself by means of a didactic workshop. It is provided also with a gallery of samples and original designs, in which it offers a trip for the styles of every epoch comparing the illustrations with the artistic tendencies of the moment.
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