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More than 20 children and girls between the 5 and 12 years, between which two of the actors were protagonists of “The boarding school” (in the series Lucas and Paula) paraded with the proposals for the next period. The presentation took place in Micropólix, where El Corte Ingles has two spaces: the supermarket and the footbridge of disguises across the history

For the next autumn - winter the infantile signatures of El Corte Ingles – sprouts, Living Water, Bus Stop, Bass10 and Tizzas - are praised by an elegance sport: dark colors as the sailor combined with different tonalities in rose for girl and with living colors as the green for child. Other out-standing colors are the red one and the gray vigoré cocktails to obtain the classic look of the American sport.

They turn the pants cigaret both for girl and for child in sateen, twill or smooth velveteen. Cloth overcoats in classic pictures. The pen continues the nylon in all the forms of overcoats basic and the vests. And as basic of period the denim and the legging.

El Corte Ingles is provided for the next autumn - winter with 3 common collections for child and girl, and the special one for child with tones pledges intense, white electrical, red blue. For girls there will be three tendencies: "Shades of wood” with textures and autumnal colors, “Shopping Day“ with very sweet and feminine pledges with accessories like tapes of level and velvet and “Beauty nature” with warm colors combined with graphic elements of the nature and the environment.

From June 5 until June 10 Rio de Janeiro has been the frame of the first fashionable platform of the international circuit of footbridges. Although in the last years this event was celebrated in Marina da Gloria, in this occasion “Fashion Rio” has released a new stage “Pier Mauá“, 3 commercial ships placed in the wonderful bay of Guanabara. There the designers of major fame have given themselves appointment in feminine fashion and in collections of bath. Between many other Stefanía, Maria Bonita Extra, Claudia Simoes, Apoena, Walter Rodrigues etc. that they have presented his creations before buyers and journalists of the entire world.

This fifteenth edition of “Fashion Rio” has been impregnated, like part of the celebrations of the “Year of France in Brazil”, with the spirit of the French fashion showing a big exhibition of the ethnologist and French photographer Pierre Verger in which there appear approximately 50 images of the city of Rio de Janeiro taken between 1940 and 1973.

The Brazilian fashion, which has already marked the international tendencies for the summer 2010, has been the most early rising and that has inaugurated the presentation of the fashionable events. The footbridges of New York will follow him from September 10 until September 17, that of London and that of Madrid (Cibeles) both from September 18 until September 22, that of Milan of 20 to 23 of the same month, and that of Paris, which will close the circuit, from September 30 until October 8.

69 edition of the International Fair of the Infantile and Juvenile Fashion of Valencia celebrated between the 19th and 21st of June has released a new format. The director of the Fair Pepa Ortiz explains it this way “We have evolved in the exposition of the distribution of spaces creating a fashionable stage in which the product turns into protagonist and we open new spaces, active squares to promote the creativity of all the involved ones in the infantile fashion”.

A whole of 215 exhibitors Spanish 137 and 78 foreigners have taken part in the new project. Between the targets that this proposal tries to reach they are to promote the fair as a quality shop window and posicionar his business contest character, as well as to attend to the needs for the sector and to become strong like modality of the infantile fashion of Spain.

The signatures taking part in this edition have been selected by the Committee of Footbridge and between others Agatha Ruiz de la Prada represent, Bread with Chocolate, Tutto Piccolo, between high quality many others. And since the fashion is essentially an early bird in this contest we face already the tendencies for the spring - summer 2010 period. The first tendency is “a Rain of stars” with metallized and iridescent airs and with structured forms, the tendency “Northern dawn” there breathes marine airs led by the colors blue and the target in light textiles like the cotton and the viscose and "Flower Moon" with an ambience hippie full of flowers and living colors.

An important challenge for the FIMI that edition will come in January, 2010 to his 70 and that it has a long and successful trajectory to the service of the infantile fashion.
In asmoda we like giving good news especially these enter the familiar ambience of the persons that we do the magazine. The today news is: fantastic! Marten was born May 29, the fourth one of the children of Maria Perez Eusebio vice-president of the Association “Fashion, University and Company and Director of Communication of and of his husband Gonzalo. Marten was baptized on June 20 in the Parish of Ntra. Mrs. of the Moral for his uncle D. Ángel Perez Eusebio. They were the godparents D. Manuel Canalejo Lasarte and Dña. Cayetana Fernandez de Valderama Iribarnegaray.

The Marten birth there is colmadote happiness the hearth of his parents Gonzalo and Maria and of his brothers Gonzalo, Inés and Hugo. The happy mom tells us that the girl is very good, only little "pesadita" in the nights but a certification “princess“ as you can see for the photos. From asmoda we give our most cordial congratulations to Maria and to his husband Gonzalo.

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