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The Age of the Gothic, in the Middle Age, after the irruption of the Goths or barbarian peoples, in contrast with the civilized Rome, has never been an obscurantism sign: it is rather the period in which the beautiful and luminous Gothic cathedrals were erected, the centers of culture were blooming in the monasteries and were starting the incipient universities, which were agglutinating the knowledge. Nevertheless, to speak about the Gothic thing in the field of the fashion, evokes the symbols of a dismal subculture, of dark colors and skulls.

The same macabre spirit is the one that has been gathered in the first exhibition dedicated to the Gothic, titled fashion "Gothic: Dark Glamor", that appears in the museum of Fashion Institute of Technology of New York until February 21, 2009.

It is true that the images of death and corruption, the dark thing and the macabre thing, so celebrated in the Romanticism of the XIXth, it has been an inspiration source for many artists, writers, and now also for the designers. John Galliano, of Dior, for example, has described his “Gothic girl” as “anxious, avant-gardist, vamp and mysterious”. Alexander McQueen, Ricks Owens, Yohji Yamamoto and Ricardo Tisci for Givenchy have created designs to describe how they see the Gothic fashion. And they have been inspired in the charm, the lugubrious nineteenth-century cemeteries, the black pest, “memento I died” and the looks of the north of the medieval Europe.

In the FIT, the skulls and skeletons, the vampires, the signs related to the death and flowing of the time, like scythes and masks of the death, reproduce in proper jewels of the Victorian mourning: pendants, earrings and bracelets. Also there are exhibited singular pieces as a hat of glass with the image of a bat, as well as veils with skeletons of birds and mortuary jewels of the XIXth century. The black epoch garments are showy along with current designs, in silk, which there look like shreds of blood and shrouds shreds. 

The exhibition is structured in diverse topics, which are covered like a labyrinth of the terror: Mourning and Lamentations, Castle in Ruins, Pleased House, Cemetery, in the Night, Strange Beauty, Cavern of the Vampire and Office of Curiosities. The dismal music and the game of lights helps to ambientarse.
In Cartagena of the Indies (Colombia), in the frame of the parade of fashions “Women in action” organized by the Committee promoter of the Cultural center Entremares, was presented the book “The fashion I do it” of Eva Maria Reschreiter of Trujillo. The book tries to answer to the eternal daily question: And today that I put myself? providing to the readers not only basic ideas on as dressing well in the different circumstances of the life, but it studies in depth the same extract of the feminine elegance and attitudes of fund that facilitate the elegance and the personal style. It is directed for women of all the ages.

The authoress wants to contribute a vision that helps the woman to make use of the fashion without losing its own identity and the soul to which it realizes the importance of the creation of a culture of respect towards the feminine image. Another message that the book transmits is that the woman must grow in self-esteem and take he makes aware of that his personal presentation always produces an echo. As she appears this way they will treat it. An intelligent woman makes use of the tendencies of the fashion without losing either the proper autonomy or the personal dignity, realizing much its own exemplariness between his family and in his work and social environment, contributing so to the creation of this so necessary culture. 

The authoress, Eva Maria of Trujillo, was wondering from girl which was the universal secret of the elegant women in the different ambiences and countries of the world. From the 80s it is taking part in formation programs for the woman at different levels in Mexico and Colombia, in Switzerland and in Austria, where he published in German language the book “By God: what do I put myself?”; two years later there was publishing “Lady of the Fashion” two works that turn also concerning the feminine elegance.
In the Polish city of Lodz there took place the seventh edition of “Fashion Fairs 2009”, organized by the Average publishing house, to which there came representatives of the most important fashionable fairs, textile and accessories of the world.Por Spanish part informed IFEMA presenting the Fairs International Lounge of Fashion of Madrid and the International Fair of Footwear and leather Articles.

Sandra Raffin, who was representing SIMM, offered information on this fair considered the big meeting of the commercial fashion in Spain and one of the most important three of Europe along with the fair CPD of Dusseldorf and the Lounge of the pret to Porter of Paris. He told that SIMM is provided with the participation in each of his editions closely of 600 companies and about 1.000 marks. At present the number of professionals who come in every edition is located concerning 17.000 of which close to 10 % they are foreign. It moved forward that in the next edition that will celebrate from February 12 until February 14 important national and international marks they will present the collections for autumn - winter 2009-2010.

Felix Perez-Fajardo presented the lounge Modacalzado+Iberpiel, a semi-annual contest with more than 12 years of experience. He emphasized that the last edition celebrated in September of this year assembled 480 direct exhibitors and more than 1.000 marks of footwear and leather articles between which there were names of recognized national and international prestige. He underlined that this contest concentrates 70 % of the entire production of the Spanish industry of footwear and offers a high quality level, design and innovation and that in his past call received 13.312 professionals to whom 19 ´4 % of the whole was international.
El Corte Ingles already has to the sale and exclusive for Spain, the Feed Bag, a united purse that will serve to feed a child during a school year and there will be offered to him the opportunity of an education and of a better future.

Designed by Lauren Bush the purse is reversible and it is realized by matters natural and inspired in the bags that are used to distribute meals in the most disadvantaged countries. Feed Bag tries to make aware on the infantile famine and obtain funds that will be assined in its entirety to the School Program of World Feeding of United Nations. The designer presented the purse in El Corte Ingles of Mountain showing a red garment and a few black shoes with platform that it combined with one of his nice united purses. As final brooch of the act the model was given by El Corte Ingles a shawl of Manila color it cremates with embroideries of colors and a bottle of virgin olive oil.

The united purse is to the sale exclusive at the cost of 45 € in the centers of El Corte Ingles of Castilian and Mountain of Madrid, Painter Sorolla in Valencia, square of Catalonia in Barcelona and in Bilbao.
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