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The thousand and a Wedding, exhibition specializing in fiancés, celebrated his tenth edition in IFEMA last 17th, October 18 and 19. More than 525 exhibitors, between whom there were counted the sectors related to restoration, beauty, trips, music, photo, gifts and everything necessary for the wedding day. For ten years, The thousand and a Wedding has been provided with an average of 35.000 visitors in every edition.

Many animation, innovations and surprises were offered in the fair of the fiancés. New spaces, like the “Area Atelier”, destined to the wedding fashion to measurement, the area of “Putting the House”, with advices on decoration and “The Gallery of the Fiancée”, with details and wedding complements. Between the notes of an excellent music of live quartets, the visitors could contemplate tests of hairdressing salon and makeup, enjoy the tastings and tastings and take part in drawings with awards as fiancés' trips, cruises and offers in restaurants

In the Footbridge sophistication and design was seen. The principal Spanish signatures fashionable wedding and designers of the sector presented his wedding dresses collections, fiancé, holiday and ceremony for the period 2009. Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada, Air Collection, Plow Collection, Camila Elbaz, Charo Péres, Devotee and Lomba, Duyos, Elio Berhanyer, Félix Ramiro, Hanníbal Laguna, Javier Larrainzar, LunasdBoda, Manuel Castillo, Novísima Novísima and Petro Valverde, between others, they showed his proposals with classic outfits in general, with some color touch. Frills in the skirts of straight line or evasé, lace and tulle, necklines word of honor and pronounced waists are the elements that more they emphasized in the fiancées. In them, sophisticated suits in tones ivory and target.

Between the parallel activities, there was celebrated the "Contest Noviamadrid", for that a fiancé and a fiancée of those who visited the Fair will be an image of the advertizing campaign of The thousand and a Wedding 09 in addition to gaining awards in cash.

Presided by the Kings Columbus of the Coruña celebrated in the Theater the delivery of the golden Medals to the Fine arts between which, as it is logical the fashion counts. This year the award relapsed into Roberto Verino who, across the fashion he recognizes him after himself, as to other prizewinners according to King's words “his contribution to constructing a better world, a world of freedom, of commitment and of beauty”.

Verino is one of the most emblematic Galician designers who popped in strongly in the Spanish fashion of the 90. He is a passionate, sensitive man, lover of his ground that has been able to confront with determination and patience the challenge of the national implantation and of the exportation. If we add to this the guessed right handling of esthetics serene and intuitive, capable of being inspired in the most varied cultural sources, we will have the key of the access of Verino to the tops of the national design.

Following a rule much in vogue between the current designers Verino it has diversified his designs presenting lines of glasses, perfumes, ceramics and wines. It is the model of the designer - businessman who has been able to unite perfectly the fantasy of the creation with the implacable coldness of the numbers. After his current battle has settled entirely on the national market it is facing the international and this market it was the motive of his retreat of the footbridge Cibeles in September, 2004 with the argument that he needed all his energies for posicionarse increasingly on the exterior market, especially in New York, a platform that he considers to be essential.

In 1983 it entered like the creative director the House Chanel and with his sweeping imagination he could gather with new airs the best extracts of the style of Cocó. A fashion that seemed to become exhausted if the same he acquired in his hands an unsuspected force again. As definition of his work, Karl was using a Goethe phrase: "To do a better future with the elements of the past.”

Lagerfeld with his anxious and versatile personality has been capable of designing simultaneously very different collections: for its own signature, for French, Italian or Japanese signatures, but his name has been that of Chanel invariably joined. In the latter years it has turned also into an essential personage in all the "soirées" more or less related to the fashion. Also his personal look has suffered curious evolutions. In the 80s his love for the France of Luis XVl led him to dressing with shirts of cotton piqué, with embroidered sneakers of velvet and to comb with his already classic pigtail.

The current Lagerfeld look has different accents. Now it dresses exact jeans of the mark Diesel, jackets of Dior and shirts according to the London signature Hilditch and Fey. To preserve his stylized figure he has surrendered to a drastic meals diet and has had to do without his love to the chocolate cakes. But to his 70 (ó 75?) years it preserves his vitality and his caústico humor. This year there are his silver weddings with Chanel: Congratulations Karl!

Across some signatures of big diffusion, the Spanish fashion appears to different points of the planet. Sfera, one of the fashionable lines young man of El Corte Ingles that went so far as to take into account at the end of last year 87 shops in the whole world, has established now commercial alliances with other companies to facilitate his growth in America and Middle East. Also the group has found new associates in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait that they have given place to the opening of five exemption.

Cortefiel has decided to realize the first incursion in London and has been provided for this adventure with the help of the department stores Debenhams. The beginning has been across two shops: that of Guilford and that of Oxford Street. The department stores Debenhams are provided with more than 130 shops in the best commercial arteries of the United Kingdom and it works on markets like Romania and Cyprus. Cortefiel is already present in 49 countries of the world and counts with 128 years of history

The Catalan company Handle there is posicionado in Turkey. It has celebrated recently the presentation of his collection autumn - winter in the Hotel Four Seasons. The parade helped to increase the Handle popularity in this country where new points of sale have been opened. In Istanbul a shop completely devoted to the man was inaugurated in May. With this one 34 are the shops that Handle has in Turkey.

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