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To be provided with a suitable space and with a decoration at a height of the circumstances is a normal target of many Spanish designers. Josep Font has inaugurated in Bilbao his new shop in the Street Cosme Echevarrieta and has given him an air vintage by means of recovering ancient elements of the construction – wooden beams and iron columns - and a few original furniture between which they emphasize the table realized by the proper designer, in antiquarian's glazing - mirror. Roberto Verino has re-opened in Barcelona his emblematic shop of the Walk of Grace with a much more avant-garde concept: soils of black stone, furniture lacquers also in black, and neutral tones of the walls. The lighting reinforces the theatrical effect of the space.
The designer Javier Larrainzar confirms that Madrid is ultimando negotiations with Box for the buy of his mark. With this operation the savings bank would reinforce his link with the world of the fashion since he acquired 20 % of Elio Berhanyer in February of this year. Larrainzar born in Madrid, studied design in the Institute Marangony of Milan and worked with Oscar de la Renta. From the year 1993 it is an assiduous one to the Footbridge Cibeles. His there is a fashion directed to an elegant and superfeminine woman with luxurious textiles and harmonic contrasts that always look for the "chic" tone of the classic elegance.
The designer of the hearts and of the stars presents in the CaixaForum of Barcelona a sample of garments and drawings. The exhibition is called: "A color, drawings and garments” in those who cover his 20 years of trajectory in the world of the fashion and it will be until May 13. There are exhibited 59 drawings and 56 garments between which they find some so famous as: Dressed Piano, Dressed Cake or Garment Taca-taca. His so personal style has remained to the fashions and tendencies, “often, the best thing is not the last thing”. The garments and drawings talk with the art history. There is a series that is inspired in artists like Chillida, Picasso (“the artist of the colors”, calls it Ágatha) or Warhol.
The signature Emidio Tucci is inspired in the sea to give form to his new collection for the spring and the summer 2007. His pledges lead us to dreaming of long and pacific evenings of summer, accompanied by the rumor of the waves and of the west sun, but topcoat accompanied by the best friends. The first tendency moves us to the warm Mediterranean, where the whole scale is melted of blue confirmed with the yellow one and vermilion. The second tendency is inspired in the waters of the Caribbean Sea, giving place to colors ground and raw in pledges of linen and cotton. In his search of the cleanliness and the simplicity, the third tendency lands in the waters of the Baltic, granting leading role to the gray and white ones. The signature of El Corte Ingles proposes in this period to melt the classic elegance with the simplicity of the avant-garde minimalism.
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