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The same day that was presenting collection in the Footbridge Cibeles of Madrid, the Valencian designer Francis Montesinos was releasing also, to 10.000 kilometers of distance, in 24th International China Garment Fair, in Dalian, city near to Peking.

Making use of the stay of the mark in China, Wild it has been present also in the Fair Cismef, in Canton, multisectorial fair in which Spain is invited of honor. In a big stand dedicated to the Spanish Fashion, there have been exhibited designs of his last collection, as well as a wide retrospective of the most emblematic models of the mark since it was created already 30 years ago. Wild, that has initiated strongly his expansion in Asia, is much appreciated in China by the coloring and vitalist style of his designs.

In addition to the spectacular footbridge, in tuning with the Chinese technological and industrial power, the fair includes stands and exhibitions of the principal companies of the textile and fashionable sector of Asia, proceeding from Japan and Korea, as well as of Australia.

For the couturier, this double appointment with the fashion the same day with only 6 difference hours, he supposes a new challenge framed in his continuous approach to the cultures of the world and to the exchange of the ideas and you present yourself in constant movement.

"Today we communicate, travel and learn more rapid, that's why we must make use of the agility that the new communication technology puts in our hands to meet us better and to overcome the differences; in the fund we all are equal. We must chase a better, cleaner, more united, more respectful new world, especially between the persons and the way", it pointed out Wild.

It is not the first international experience of the Valencian couturier. At the end of June, the designer trod, along with other Spanish signatures, on the Soho neoyorkino to present his proposals.
Until November 22, an impressive exhibition develops in Peking without precedents on “The Treasures of Cartier: King of jewelers, Kings' Jeweler”. In the sample there are exhibited beautiful antiquities of east and Occident in a resplendent stage: the Imperial Palace of the Prohibited City.

More than 350 pieces can be contemplated, included those who date back to the Cartier foundation up to his creations of the 70s. He gathers big part of jewels of the royalty, and learns with historical documents relative to the European real courts. Cartier was an official provider of king Eduardo VII of England, what cost him his reputation as the "jeweler of Kings and the king of Jewelers”.

Many of the jewelry show the influence of the Chinese culture in the Cartier creations, especially at the beginning of the XXth century: use of the oyster, enamels and lacquers, ancient pieces sculpted in jade that small and fantastic animals or gods represent, etc.

This haughty Exhibition registers in the cultural exchange of decorative arts agreed between the Parisian mark of jewels and the Mueso of the palace of Peking, which has already exhibited other Cartier pieces in the Museum of the City Prohibited from 1996.  
A new appointment for the professionals of the esthetics is prepared from October 23 until October 25 in Fair of Madrid. Cosmetics and makeup, Hairdressing salon, Esthetics, Fitness, esthetic Medicine, Fingernails, Footbridge and up to two Congresses: one of Esthetics and other of Spa&Welness. The Lounge Look Internacional will show all the innovations arisen in this ambience in the last months, showed by nearly 400 companies and national and international marks. Quite, “in living and live”.

The contest organized by IFEMA and commercialized by STS Produccions, is confirmed like the biggest professional meeting dedicated to the integral esthetics in Spain. In the Ifema pavilions, there will take place the Footbridge Hair Look and the training courses with international monitors, which will give opportunity to the professional assistants to take part in the best shows, workshops and demonstrations.

One of the innovations of this one 12th edition is the entry of a new professional sector: that of the Spa and Well-being. The most prestigious Hotels - resorts and spa, spa's urban and spas of the whole world, sector in expansion and of emergent tourist demand, will offer his products and will exhibit and debate during two days, in a Congress organized by the magazine Esthetic World, the last therapeutic and cosmetic treatments.

On the other hand, II Congress of Esthetics will be celebrated in the frame of the Lounge Look, with seminars centred on the cutaneous aging, the aromaterapia or the fitocosmética, with the participation of recognized national and international professionals of the esthetics, the medicine and the scientific investigation.

Also during the weekend, there will be celebrated the National and International Championships of Fingernails and Makeup, in addition to Papers and Workshops related to the sector. This year will realize a Seminar of Company again for the establishments management, given by the Institute of Managerial Management and Management of the University Camilo José Cela Fundación School of Business administration (EAE).

Between the activities parallel to TV/radio commercial, he emphasizes the Footbridge Hair Look that will receive diverse hairdressing salon shows, in charge of out-standing national and international figures. The only opportunity so that the professionals could enjoy directly the best hairdressing salon of the world the National Gala of Hairdressing salon and Fashion, The Fantasy Show, the Show Interfashion Curls or the Workshop of Gathered, between others. There will be also diverse workshops of formation, in which the professionals will be able to take part in a wide seminars program. The courses will be of court, color and gathered.

Our magazine of Fashion, beauty and Culture,, will not lose this call and it will be with a stand in the Fair most professional and entertained at the same time.

El Corte Ingles offers to us once again the creative fashion and simultaneously young and functional of one of his most emblematic collections: Yera. The coloring of the collection is praised this year by the gray, and bluish tones with big presence of the purple one in different scales.

We find the impact of the purple one in overcoats and in jackets to pictures and also in refinadísimos models who look for this color in his darkest facet to play with borders of a more luminous purple one. We find the latter formula in tailors pants that they include the blouse also purple creating a nice scale of coloring.

The garment, one of the icons of the fashion more valued at present appears in general in short models of straight silhouette. We emphasize a garment of blue tones with flowers and lorzas in the waist, another pink garment with pleating about the neckline, and models stamped with drawings and very worn out frets. The ecological touch is given by a garment with drawings of giant butterflies The blouses they have in general a romantic and sophisticated tone with ruffs with pleated frills fronts also with frills, being praised by the white color that admits thousands of combinations.

In Yera they do not prune to be missing this winter the pieces “fund of closet” always essential like vests, jerseis, shirts and pants that add to his classicism the avant-garde touches that the fashion indicates for 2010 not also.
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