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The sector of the footwear and the complements of skin, of so many roots in Spain, will have a new appointment from September 24 until September 26 in IFEMA, in International Fair Modacalzado+Iberpiel, one of the most important of Europe. Many innovations, designs and ideas for the professionals in this shop window of the fashion with what it will take in the spring / summer 2010. 

The contest enjoys very good perspectives. It will assemble an important representation of companies proceeding from all the producing areas of footwear, leather goods and related industries in Spain - Alicante, La Rioja, Balearic Islands, Huelva and Albacete - as well as of foreign companies. Marks that have not taken part in the last editions have decided to be present again. His comeback to the contest means the recognition as the best commercial platform in Spain for the presentation and promotion of the collections of footwear, purses and complements in skin and one of the most important three of Europe. They emphasize also the arrival of Italian and Portuguese signatures of woman's, infantile, masculine and sports footwear. 

The wide offer assembled in this edition will present articulated in the sectors Meter to itself, Chance, Child, Colours, Elegance and Glamor, in accordance with the styles and type of product of every mark. Inside the latter sector, there will be enabled a new area of modular stands of high scale with a very elegant image, so called Space Glam, to receive the proposals of the signatures of major level, in that already numerous marks have taken refuge. 

As in previous editions, Modacalzado+Iberpiel he has organized in this call a program of international buyers, which it will attract to the fair to representatives of out-standing commercial chains and establishments of several Eastern bloc of Europe. This program there joins other centred on national and Portuguese guests. 

On the other hand, IFEMA, in his effort to encourage the managerial participation in this economic moment of crisis, has agreed the reduction of 20 % in the price hiring of the surface of the stands, and to coordinate special prices for exhibitors and visitors in different hotels of Madrid.

Ideaslab: creative talent in the commerce
This year also there will develop the space Ideaslab, dedicated to the dinamización of the commerce, started with the support of the State Society for the Development of the Design and the Innovation, of the Department of Science and Innovation, to help the professionals to update his business establishments and his mark image. After the favorable reception excused to this space by the professionals, Ideaslab, it will keep on studying in depth the modernization of the establishments of footwear by means of chats and workshops given by professionals. 

Also, in the Ideaslab frame there will be realized the exhibition and delivery of awards of I Award Ideaslab-Calzado to the Creative Talent. The target of this initiatory starting for the Federation of Shoe industries Spanish (FICE), is to contribute to the promotion of young talents and to stimulate the creativity and innovation across the design and the communication in the sector of the Spanish footwear. The contest establishes two categories inside the strategy of “Shoes of Spain”: Design of point of sale of footwear and audio-visual Piece of 40 seconds concerning the world of the footwear.
Between 18 and on September 22 Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week fulfills his 25 years of life with 50 editions behind him. Some it dates that they will dress it in long shots to celebrate the event as it is deserved. The parades program for this next edition is provided with a participation of 56 designers whom it is necessary to add to the 35 that show his collections in the show room of “The Ego” opened five days of the footbridge.

Between the innovations of this one years he emphasizes the comeback of two emblematic names of the Spanish fashion: Adolfo Dominguez and Roberto Verino. Dominguez recaptures this way his successes of the 80s when his fashion, of sure esthetics and of a refined simplicity, was already triumphing in Cibeles. Verino returns after four years of absence in which I have dedicated intensely to the international promotion of his signature.

The Footbridge will produce an affectionate homage to Elio Berhanyer, the designer with a long and brilliant trajectory inside the Spanish fashion with his High fashion creations first and from Pret to Porter later and that has be 80 years in full activity. To collaborate in this homage there will parade with his last out-standing creations Spanish models who have passed for Cibeles throughout the years like Judith Mascó, Helena Barquilla, Natalia López, Irene Jimenez of the Church between others.

The parades of Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week will start on September 18 with the block of young designers of the EGO. The same day at 5 p.m. Adolfo Dominguez will open the shift of the consecrated designers. During Saturday, the 19th and Sunday, the 20th there will happen most of the parade of the integral designers of the Creators' Association Fashion of Spain (ACME). On Monday with the parade of Antonio Miró there will begin the parades of other out-standing designers not belonging to ACME that will continue on Tuesday, the 22nd.

In the next number of asmoda we will publish a wide information about the collections of Cibeles Fashion Week.

The new project has been born “Spanish Fashion Mexico” (MEM) that is provided with the support of the Spanish Federation of the companies of the dressmaking (Fedecón) and of the Spanish Institute of Exterior Commerce (Icex). His target is to announce in Mexico with major largeness the ideas and the creations of the Spanish designers across the support to fashionable marks of our country, already existing someone and others so that they offer, from now on, an effective presence of the Spanish design

There is foreseen for October the opening of the head office of MEM in the Mexican capital located in the exhibition hall of a classic small palace in the quarter of Polanco and in the one that the Spanish collections of different type will exhibit more a bar, a restaurant, a confectionery, a travel agency and a bank division. It will have also a space dedicated to the sale to the public and to boutiques and department stores.

This initiative of the irruption of the Spanish fashion in Mexico is the first one that is thrown out of our country after the creation in 2008 of “Fashion Spain”, a plan of internationalization created by the management textile one and the Institute of exterior Commerce.
In the facilities of the DIMAD, Center of Design of the Slaughterhouse of Madrid, it will be celebrated from September 22 until September 25 a "Fashion Maratón", which will integrate parades, a contest of design and cultural conferences on fashion, organized by the Association of New and Young Designers (WALK) and supported by Elio Berhanyer.

Forty new, elected designers of between more than one hundred, will show and, they even will be able to sell, his creations. Of parallel form, a conferences cycle will take place on critical questions for the professional and managerial development of these entrepreneurs, such as the business model, the financing, the marketing and the relation with the means.

The Final of the contest will take place on September 24 with the Award to the Best Collection and the winner will be able to commercialize his collection in the shops In Extenso, an initiative that will allow to the creators to enter directly the industrial process of the fashion. The meeting will finish on the 25th with a parade homage to the couturier of Cordoba Elio Berhanyer, president of the Jury.

Like colophon, from September 28 until October 23 there will be opened to the public the exhibition of designs and photos of XX edition of the National Awards of the Fashion for new designers, in the DIMAD facilities. The access, both for "Fashion Maratón" and for the exhibition, will be free.
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