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The thematic Disneyland park, in Paris, has decided to celebrate his 15th anniversary with the renewal of the wardrobe of the personages Disney more emblematic. Twenty-five have been in whole the designs realized by European fashionable authors, between them, the Spanish Lorenzo Caprile or Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. Snow Whites, the Beautiful Sleeping one, Ariel, Beautiful, Small bell, Minnie, Dogsbody, cruella of Vile or Harmful, could have shown more current models for some days. 

Ariel, the sirenita, has been dressed by Impasse of the Défense, Beautiful by Nathalie Garçon, the Beautiful Sleeping one in a Playboy's bed jump Chachnil, Harmful, in a spectacular model of Lorenzo Caprile, and Snow White, very chic, by Azzedine Alaia. Up to the dogsbody's zapatito it has been re-designed by the signature Baccarat

The profit of the sale of the new designs will be for UNICEF.
There is had the idea in general over which the Spanish fashion triumphs abroad much more with the big commercial chains – like Zara, Handle etc. - than with the designers' names of prestige. But some recent news comes to demonstrate that something is changing … A Spanish designer, Josep Font, will present in January his collection spring - summer in Paris invited by the French Federation of Seam to integrate into his group of creators.

It is not the first time that Paris admires the fashion of Josep Font. It made debut already in Moulin Rouge in February, 2006. The designer is glad to be able to present his models in the Parisian footbridge and has declared “to Be part of the High fashion it is on the one hand to make a sleep real and for other a big responsibility to be on a par with the expectations.”

Font is considered to be one of the most personal Spanish designers. His models move between the magic world of the spaces, the beautiful colorings and an ingenuous and original inspiration that has drawn deeply. There is in his style a very well dosed miscellany of timeless inspiration and of modernity. In each of his designs it questions the academicism of the fashion. He re-interprets the colors and the classic patterns and turns them into a personal creation.
Magi approach and the toys for children are more and more creative and original. Last November 23 El Corte Ingles presented to the press the doll “My I” who can be created by his proprietress. Both – girl and doll - will be able to dress equally if this way they want it and the combinations that can be done will adapt themselves to the fashion of every moment. The new doll allows the conservation of the toy his care and update with complements that can be part of the trousseau and style of the girl who possesses it so much if there are a product of an infantile election as of a gift of the biggest.

“My I”, of Spanish manufacture, it assembles in the shops of El Corte Ingles the different dolls that can stem from the creative combinations and his corresponding fashionable complements. At the same time they offer clothes, accessories and footwear for his infantile clients and other articles with educational projection for the personal use of children and girls.

During the presentation, 30 girls in ages understood between the 4 and 10 years us showed his dolls to the press “My I” who were imitating their own face according to the color of hair, eyes and elected hairstyles.
The Italian signature Dijoüs has presented a novel jewels collection for women of all the ages. It is the result of joining vanguardismo and classicism: a current design with the everlasting noble materials: diamonds, gold and silver. The same name indicates the intention: I gave, of diamond and jous of the French verb jouer, to play. The collection is composed for sugerentes pieces in soft yellow gold, white gold, silver and diamonds; someone with original details in black silver. The pendants, earrings and rings play with the textures and sheens, as well as with the materials miscellany in volumes and surprising forms.

Dijoüs is commercialized of exclusive form in the centers of El Corte Ingles of Spain and Portugal. It will incorporate three different collections every year, in addition to renewals of certain pieces coinciding with special epochs.
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