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The signature Bvlgari celebrates his 125 years of existence with a sumptuous exhibition in the Palace of Exhibitions of Rome, to which it has called “Between the eternity and the history: 1884-2009”, and that gathers more than one hundred of pieces of jewelry shop and clocks. The sample will be opened to the public until the next September 13.

It is a question of a retrospective of the work, the designs and other aspects tied to the mark and to the work of Sotirio Bvlgari, founder of the signature, of Greek origin, which started by working the silver. Between impressive seasonings, brooches, pendants, bracelets and clocks shut up in sure shop windows, remind the principal phases to themselves in the Bvulgari history, from the opening of the first shop in the Route Sistina of Rome until our days. Jewels of last years of the XIXth with the influence of the modernism, the years 20-30 and the art-decó, the 50-60 with the French influence, the 70 with the pop-art like inspiration, the 90, etc. All this illustrated with photos of the personalities and stars of movies that in every epoch showed jewels Bvlgari, like Clark Gable, Marlene Dietrich, Gina Lollobrigida, Meryl Streep, Liz Taylor, Gary Cooper, and aristocrats and millionaires like Niarchos, etc.

As pieces to be emphasized, show themselves beautiful jewels of the Collection Vintage de Bvlgari and of private collections, as well as a gleaming necklace of diamonds, which value overcomes 20 million euros.

In order to help in the maintenance of the organization “Save the children”, with which Bvlgari collaborates assiduously, the organizers made use of the opening to present a collection of 11 only pieces of jewels and 7 clocks, of a value near to 3 million euros, Christie's of New York was auctioned in the Room next December 8. The collection will be donated entirely to the campaign “Rewrite the future” of “Save the children”.

Angelo inaugurated the Exhibition with a brilliant holiday last May 20 in Castello de Sant’, to that there assisted the mayor of Rome, Gianni Alemanno, between many other celebrities of the world of the politics, the business, the fashion and the spectacle.

Quite what is going to take in the spring - summer 2010 will be able to be seen by us in the 62nd International Lounge of Fashion of Madrid (SIMM) from July 16 until July 18 in Ifema. Nearly 450 exhibitors and 700 marks will present proposals full of quality and design. 

All the keys and innovations of the fashion of the next summer period will be discovered in this commercial platform of taking part national and international signatures. The offer, as in other editions, will show itself arranged concerning the sectors Gala, Pearls, Eternal, Man, Soul, Bath and Intimate Fashion, Soon Fashion and Accessories. Collections and complements that go from the avant-garde designs, up to creations of holiday, urban, intimate and chance fashion, and man. Also, there will be a sector for the most immediate autumn - winter fashion. 

SIMM, with a history of three decades of contests, is a springboard to reinforce and to promote the internationalization of the taking part companies and his access to new markets, opening business possibilities. This way, in this edition the contest will be provided again with two programs of foreign buyers, organized in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of Madrid and eI Spanish Institute of Exterior Commerce (ICEX), which it will allow to bring over to the fair to professional visitors of Russia and other Eastern bloc, where the fashion lives through moments of heyday and expansion. 

To help the effort of the managerial sector in this complicated economic conjuncture, Fair of Madrid has reduced his tariffs, and even the earnings can be obtained to the contest of free form or with a bonus of 50 %, doing the inscription online in the web of the Fair, as well as obtain bonds discounts in Iberia and Renfe

ASMODA will be present also in this edition of SIMM, in the sector dedicated to associations and press, where we invite all our readership to visit.

Owing to XX anniversary of the birth of the faculty of Communication of the Pontifical University of Salamanca a Seminar has been celebrated on Communication and Fashion titled “let's Speak fashionably” directed by the teacher Maria Garrido. For two days there have taken place interesting meetings that were inaugurated by D. Carlos Teresa, General manager of Commerce of the Meeting of Castile and León.

During this seminar there were celebrated two round tables in which dabatieron the way of communicating from the fashionable companies and the strategies from the traditional means and from the network. Also they took place you confer on different topics related to the fashion. The journalist Raquel Pelaez spoke on “The case Inditex”, Abraham de Amézaga, expert in international fashion gave a revision for the big creators and fashionable communicators, from Cristobal Balenciaga “the biggest fashionable creator of this world” up to young designers like Marc Jacobs. Josefina Figueras, director of our magazine asmoda gave herself the closing ceremony lecture and spoke about the challenges that the fashion has raised in the present and in the future.“ The fashion includes many aspects of the current society - he said - like tendency, merger, news of type economic but every day there are discovered new implications, like the heyday of the "ethical" fashion that must pass for river beds of social responsibility and of humanization”

The act, which has had a big reception, will have a continuity in the next years like fruit of the connections and the narrow collaboration of the faculty of Communication of the Pontifical University of Salamanca and of the Meeting of Castile and León. A collaboration that cimiente the impulse of the fashion in all the directions of the culture and of the economy.
In asmoda, at level of the writing, also we have important news. The last one is the birth of Helena Molas Barroso daughter of the writer - chief of “asmoda young man”, Mercedes Barroso and of his husband Sergio Molas. Hellene he was born on April 28 in the University Clinic of Navarre and weighed after 3, 125 kg were born. Soon he knew what is to travel, because his baptism took place on May 10 in Barcelona in the Saint's church Teresita of the Child Jesus.

The godparents of the baptism were his paternal grandfather D. Jose Luis Molas and his maternal aunt Paula Barroso. The happy mom tells us that the baptism was an affectionate act in which the whole family met about Hellene. East is the second son of the marriage Molas-Barroso. From asmoda we send to them our congratulations.
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