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The exclusive collection Autumn - winter of feminine Prêt-à-porter, Tex by Max Azria” is the result of the alliance between Carrefour, pioneer of the big world distribution, and the designer Max Azria, General Manager and Founder of the Californian group BCBGMAXAZRIA.

After several years in the profession this franco-American well-known designer who has dressed women as Sharon Stone or Jennifer López, star between the creators, was gasping to offer to all the women his wide knowledge on fashion. It is for his famous person must have that he is met worldwide.

With his Chic Chance style, the designer offers a glamor touch to all the women across his collections. Carrefour and Max Azria have decided to make use of his talent and knowledge to do to propose and to make the best of the fashion accessible to all the women, with a very creative design.


This collection autumn - winter 2007/08, the first time that a distribution ensign associates his mark with a creator of prêt-à-porter, is destined for women who look beyond the basic thing and is characterized for:

- clothes and "essential" complements in the feminine closet with guessed right and current lines.
- collections “chance elegance” that continue the last tendencies in his different lines, from the most "chance" thing to the most formal pledges.
- a feminine creative line, at accessible prices, prepared to be consumed without moderation, in exclusive sale in the shops Carrefour.
The magnificence of the holidays of his annual 45 in the seam, the event more "fashion" and spectacular of the summer, it has given place to all kinds of guesswork, one of them is if this supposed Valentino's farewell to the fashion, but the designer has denied it “great Owner my work and even remains great for doing”. At the moment his agenda is full of projects and events, one of them is the presidency of the international Jury of the contest “Handle Fashion Awards” at the end of October Also will remain opened until October 28 the spectacular exhibition “Valentino in Rome 45 years of style” in the Altar Pacis of August. They tell that the tourists who were visiting this summer the city were remaining captivated on having approached the monument and after a big number of manikins saw in his interior with Valentino's suits, preferably of red color, his color “fetish“ inspired by the Theater Lyceum of Barcelona.

If there was remaining some doubt about the retreat of the “emperor of the seam” his associate Giancarlo Giametti he has declared that “the designer is irreplaceable”. Perhaps the secret of his success is to have always could support his inalterable sense of the proportion, his indisputable volume of classicism and elegance. Congratulations Valentino!
For 25 years, of the hand of Maria Rosa Salvador, there have received the trophy “The golden needle” some of the most emblematic designers from the world of the fashion. The first one was for the French designer Muriel Grateau to whom countless names have happened later, like Givenchy, Ungaro, Versace etc. This time the award has changed hand. From now on the convocante will be the Department of Culture, which has already decided this year, across an experts' Jury, that the award will be for Nicolás Ghesquire, the creative director of the House Balenciaga that from 1995 it was registering in the line of young talents capable of printing new panache on legendary houses. This young designer, who began reaching truly spectacular successes in the year 2001, could confront successfully the risk of imagining a pret to porter worthily of the name of Balenciaga. Tapeworm in his yellowish brown important hands: it had realized a "trining" with Jean Paul Gaultier and Nina Ricci and his designs were imbued with the esencialidad with the drawing of the silhouette, with a special mastery to treat the volumes.

This year the Ghesquire capacity, not of resuscitating old elegance images, but of recreating the Balenciaga finds in modern key, has had an enormous influence in the last collections and tendencies imbued with the new spirit of the designer of Guetaria. The award seems very fully deserved to us.
From the faralaes garment to the suit of fallera, of the lagarterana to the chulapa... And this way even more than 50 suits exhibited in manikins of real size, and realized in role, like an interesting trip for all the Spanish Autonomous regions. This exhibition celebrated in The English Cut of Callao, in Madrid, will cover other places of Spain, and it has been realized by artist Roberto Comas who had already presented with big success another exhibition of suits of role of the different epochs of the fashion in the House of Cows of the Retirement of Madrid.

Most of the garments is realized in role kraft although also other types of role have been used like that of silk, pinocho, vegetable etc. Due to his complexity, some of the exposed models have needed more than one month for his putting to point. According to Commas “the more complicated of everything is to put and to remove the exhibition. For the delicacy of the role, every model is transported in a cage. It is like displacing a company of opera or an international ballet. It turns out to be very pompous but the final score compensates so much effort”.
The Footbridge Cibeles demonstrates that it has an enormous call capacity. In his 46 edition, to show us the fashion spring - summer of 2008, is provided with 37 creators and 31 parades. The instability of the footbridges of Barcelona contributes to this growth. This time 4 new designers have joined: Situated Murt, Gullermina Baeza, Dolores Cortés and TCN. The exit gunshot has been entrusted to Jesus del Pozo who will inaugurate the days dedicated to the components of the Creators' Association of the Fashion of Spain.

The gardens of the Retirement, in which the parades will be re-transmitted across a giant screen, have been again the elected stage. The Footbridge has spent for different places from his opening. In the year 1985 it was placed in a few tents in the Square of Columbus, the following edition was in the Museum of the Railroad of the ancient station of Delights, it was later in the Country-house, in IFEMA … it seems that his place in The Retirement is already provided with the almost general approval. Also a big number of designers has happened for her. The "pioneers", of the first edition were: Jesus del Pozo, Antonio Alvarado, Domingo Córdoba, Jorge Monsalve, Maria Moreira and Manuel Piña.
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