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For Julia Sáenz-Angulo.

The designer of jewels Consuelo Sierra has presented in his establishment of Fashion Shopping of Madrid, a singular exhibition of allusive jewels to the wine, good is for his color or the design of his forms, with fig leaves, vine shoots, bunches of grapes or representation of fables as that of the fox and the grapes of Esopo. Along with the jewels, different bottles and crystal glasses with wine made use of Rioja, Rivera of the Duero, The Spot, Sherry or Wine-cellar, to reveal the amazing equivalence of the color between the precious or noble stones, with the different broths of the country. At once of opening, Letizia Arbeteta gave herself a lecture on the topic.

Consuelo Sierra tells that it takes a few years doing this so singular relation collection between the jewels and the wine, with the idea of presenting it in 2009, twentieth anniversary of his signature.

Between the most singular pieces the earrings meet grapes bunches by means of seed pearl of the XIXth proceeding for his style of the Mediterranean Levant, Salamanca or Zamora. Surprising the big brooch with the said Esopo fable of the first of the “It is a piece that me several times have wanted to buy but that I have refused to sell not to impoverish the collection”, says the designer. Not very far a purse of the 20s embroidered with fig leaves in steel facetado, that imitates very well the sheen of the ancient diamonds.

If we approach the color we will see jewels with brilliant color champagne, or dark brown like the Sherry wines. The equivalence of the red wines with the rubies or garnets is entire; of the rosés and clarets with the tourmalines and the beryl morganita is exact, as well as the emeralds and aquamarines in pink tone. Similar other amazing is of the tourmaline with the green glass of the bottles. “In sum, there can be a stone, a gem, for every wine”, tells Consuelo Sierra, at the time that it describes the typology of each of the ancient jewels, of epoch or avant-garde that they compose the sample.

“The jewel is probably the artistic form that better can represent the values of the grapes and the wine: the qualities of colors and textures; the intensity and the saturation of the tones that resemble straight the flavor of the best broths”, Consuelo Sierra concludes.
Last December, the fashionable signature Hoss Intropia was inviting more children of the house, of Europe as of The India, to take part so much in a drawing contest in those who were painting the portrait of his mom. Hundreds of drawings were received to illustrate the nice T-shirts, which can already be acquired to do a nice gift the Day of the Mother. The Jury of the Contest “My Mom” has been composed by Pigeon Vázquez de Castro, designer of the signature, and Cayetana Guillén Crow, between others.

The winners have seen his "works" stamped on a limited edition of cotton T-shirts and bags that have gone on sale in the middle of April and whose benefits they will be destined to support entirely and improve the working conditions of the Indian cooperative Creative Handicrafts, formed for and for unprotected women who think about how to achieve a worthy life.

Hoss Intropia is a company with a strong politics of Corporate Social responsibility, going beyond being a more fashionable signature. It has the commitment to not only dress his clients of a cosmopolitan and eclectic way, but also of making them participants of his united philosophy. From his beginning, in the year 1994, the social commitment is intrinsic part of the company at all the levels. Fruit of this commitment is the collaboration with the organization Setem Madrid, of which this one was born initiatory. Also, they organize rakes and other united events to finance help projects to improve the living conditions of the women hindúes. They have more than 1.200 points of sale in the whole world.
From May 1 until September 2 the exhibition will be able to be visited “Dior, the years Bohan. Three decades of styles and of stars” in the House Museum of Christian Dior in the town of Them Rumbs, the Norman locality of Granville placed to the noroste of France. By means of 60 High fashion models there is offered a sample of the creations of Marc Bohan during almost 30 years who remained like the creative director of the house Dior. Between his clients represented several "clebrities" like Grace de Mónaco, Jacqueline Kennedy, Sofia Loren, Liz Taylor, Maria Callas etc.

Although the exhibition appears also like a homage to the bearers of the style that marked the House Dior in this epoch, the exhibition must represent a fully deserved homage to the designer who took successfully the destinations of the House Dior, since Saint Laurent received the hand torch of a jovencísimo in 1960 until it transferred in 1989 the Italian Gianfranco Ferré. A real permanence record inside this changeable and sometimes hostile world that is the fashion.

Marc Bohan has been corrected of excessively shy and of not having could promote personally his presence before the mass media. But in spite of his character “antistar“ and his ways of "normal" gentleman his creations supported the height and the prestige of the Maison. His work inside the House Dior continued for the river beds of a classic and traditional style that was trying to be erasing the trace, excessively loudly, that had stopped “new look”, but it had also his avant-garde fits always introducing in the fashion some psychedelic versions with restraint, inside the river beds that, according to, there had to think up the famous signature which destination had in his hands. When it left the House Dior Norman Hartnell left to London for insuflar new life to the prestigious English signature, the favorite of the royal family.

This was the personal definition of Marc Bohan on the elegance “The elegance is in the head, it is the spirit state. The elegance is not a money question”.
It will be in June when it is released in Spain but at the moment, in Paris, there has already appeared the movie that reports the young years of Cocó Chanel interpreted by the actress Audrey Tatou. The movie narrates the first steps in the fashion of this woman of extraordinary talent that revolutionized the schemes of dressing of the XXth century and changed radically the image of the woman. She was not the best seamstress of his epoch, in any case he should share this title with Balenciaga, but there is considered the most brilliant designer of all the times.

The life of the brilliant Cocó was so full and so eventful that the producers who have tried to take his life to the movies have had to do it for successive stages. In an occasion they have reflected his relations with the Nazi and his role in the second world war, in others his varied loves or his contacts with the artists of the epoch etc. In this one movie one tries to reflect his years of youth, when she was a girl of androgynous air but of enormous attraction who was dreaming of being first an artist and later it was praised for being a hatter and seamstress.

Several famous artists have got into the skin of Cocó Chanel for the movies. First was Shirley Mc Laine in a miniseries, later she was Anna Mouglalis. Now Audrey Tatou is a French actress who is going to lead also the next advertizing campaign of Chanel 5. Audrey continues so the steps as image of the perfume of Nicole Kidman, of Catherine Deneuve and of Carole Bouquet. In asmoda we will give our opinion about the movie when it is released in Spain.

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