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The furrier's collections for the next winter will appear, for the first time, along with those of Footwear and Leather goods in the next edition of MODACALZADO+IBERPIEL, which will be celebrated from March 11 until March 13 in Fair of Madrid. 

By request of the proper sector, the skin of hair and the extra they happen to be part of the offer of the next call of Modacalzado and Iberpiel-Peletería, in the middle of March, since his habitual place – the International Lounge of Fashion Madrid (SIMM) - it was celebrated this year too soon. With this incorporation, the sector furrier brings to Iberpiel a new incentive with the collections for the Autumn - winter 2010/11, and the furriers for his part, benefit of a few dates more fitted to his needs and of the commercial attraction that represents the presence of the principal signatures of the sector of the footwear and leather goods. 

The sector of the furrier's will share space with the footwear in the Chic areas and Glamor, which will present shoes and purses from the most avant-garde designs to the most sophisticated. Signatures like Araujo Piel, Makari, Charo Carrillo, Sara Ibáñez, and Corty Bennet are someone of those who will be present with his hair leather collections. In the national ambience, the designers keep on betting for the renewal in the new collections in skin in order to approach the youngest public. 

As for the footwear and the leather goods, the lounge will assemble in whole to more than 700 marks. You mark of prestige as Castañer, Mascaró and See by Chloe have announced his presence in this Modacalzado call, along with others belonging to the universe of the national and international fashion, between them, Dorotea, Pons Quintana, Paco Gil, Sara Navarro, Barrats 1890, Amaya Arzuaga, Chie Mihara, Stuart Weitzman, Pura López, Sendra Boots, Callaghan or Hush Puppies. Her 25th edition of this lounge coincides with a moment with that the Spanish quality footwear has increased his presence on the national market, to the detriment of the product proceeding from other rival European, direct countries with this segment. 

Interesting parallel activities
Different activities complete the commercial offer. Between the most interesting, Ideaslab is, with a series of initiatives directed to visitors in the frame of the innovation and the marketing. As in previous editions, Spanish (FICE) will be organized by the Federation of Shoe industries, with the support of the Department of Industry across the DDi

Also the exhibition of photos will be celebrated, to Wear you, that will assemble the works finalists of V National Contest of Photo CalzArte-Ciudad de Elda, organized by the Foundation Museum of the Footwear of Elda.
Between February 18 and 23 Cibeles Fashion Week will present his collections to show us the fashion autumn - winter 20010-011. On Thursday, the 18th we will see in the Room Lancia of IFEMA the collections of ”The Ego”, the young promises of the fashion, and 19 it will touch the shift to the veterans with a wide prestige behind him. Jesus del Pozo at 11 a.m. will open the fire of a series of parades that will be alternated between the Room Cibeles and the Room Lancia finishing on Tuesday, the 23rd evening.

Since there have always been changes and increases and designers' descents but the true thing is that the footbridge of Madrid is growing to steps enlarged in some cases at the cost of what it stays of the Footbridge Gaudi. Now one does not speak already about duel between footbridges but of there are able to attract the Spanish designers somewhat disconcerted especially the great Catalans of which they decide to look for a surer future out of the limits of his Community, too much absorbed in looking at the exterior.

It is year Cibeles brings to us a designer: Teresa Helbig considered till now like the principal star of Barcelona 080, which will parade on the 23rd and it joins other Catalan designers who came previously to Cibeles in search of horizons. In this number of asmoda he speaks to us in an interview of his fashion and of his projects of future. Sometimes the change is in the opposite direction as it is the case of Krizia Robustella that returns to Barcelona

Good news is that two designers that Verino and Adolfo Dominguez turned to Cibeles in the past edition after a long absence-Roberto - repeat again.
The tragedy of Haiti has not made anybody indifferent. Opposite to the dramatic images of destruction of the first days they begin glimpsing plans of reconstruction and of help so that this country does not continue in the wretched conditions that one was already finding before the earthquake. Between the help plans the fashion has showed also his united face.

Some of the principal luxurious marks have done donations and have encouraged help initiatives so that the whole world was putting his sand granite. Louis Vuitton has sent a live donation to the Cross Haitian Roya and Calvin Klein has organized a help collection in addition to trying to motivate all his associates so that they collaborate in the organizations that collect funds for Haiti.

Other donations have been by means of materials. Ralph Lauren has donated several models across Fashion Delivers and other fashionable marks and cosmetics they have contributed with clothes and footwear or with a portion of his sales. It is marvelous that the fashion shows so his united face and they are great you who cheer up to whom this country, after suffering the scourge of the destruction and the tragedy, could face a better future.
The designer Ann Locking has presented his collection of ephemeral jewels.Su philosophy is “Everything in the life is senile” This idea of durability limited in the time has penetrated to a new experimental concept of the ephemeral jewelry shop, consisting of necklaces and bracelets realized in virgin bee wax that as an antidote or a medicine possess a short life time. There are pieces that ironizan with the idea of temporary fleetingness and at the same time of a big esthetic originality.

Ann has always had a special weakness for everything what refers to complements since he began designing them in the beginning of his career first, newly completed his studies in the faculty of Fine arts of the Complutense University, for his friends and later, on having seen that his designs were successful, in a very fortuitous and chance way, it submerged directly in this specialty.

As he was designing complements he realized that these every day were transferring more area to the body and threw itself to design tops, hats, until in the end it threw a small clothes collection in the 5th edition of the Circuit of Barcelona. It entered then directly the fashion and it has kept on triumphing with his models directed to a type of woman who understands well his sophisticated and very creative esthetics. But his interest in the complements has never drooped. A few months ago it presented successfully a shoes collection and now we have surprised it with his ephemeral jewels of a suggestive originality.
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