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This time one of the most famous fashionable events and music has taken place in Brazil, with the first figures of the international fashion and the music rock. On the 23rd and 24th of October the Hotel Copacabana Palace and the Jockey Club, of Rio de Janeiro, with capacity for five thousand persons, turned into a footbridge - stage with marks of the fame of Marc Jacobs, Versace and singers like Mariah Carey and Grace Jones.

The Brazilian edition of “I Heard Fashion Rock” there was the first one celebrated in Latin America, selected between other cities candidates to receive the event, like Mumbay, Shangai or Dubai. His five previous editions took place in Monaco, London and the United States.

In this Brazilian version, there showed themselves, along with marks as famous as Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, Versace or Givenchy, the models of local designers, between them Lenny, Andre Lima, Alexander Herchcovith, Lino Vilaventura, Lulu Santos, Daniela Mercury, Wanessa and Ja Rule. Quite, livened up by the performances singers' like Mariah Carey, Estelle, Diddy, Grace Jones y Ciara.

The event has been financed by Oi, the biggest Brazilian company of telecommunications that, between other initiatives, has been pioneering in the development of strategies of market that associate the image of a company of telecommunications with the design and the life styles. With this target, the company has invested on the market of the entertainment and the culture, the fashion, the music and the sport. In the sector of the fashion, I Heard he usually invests in many Brazilian regions where the design proves to be strong and imaginative.
The Dominican, present designer in all the most important fashionable events of the world, has obtained a big victory in the city of Cali (Colombia) where it presented his collection “Resort 2010” in the one that there emphasized his creations of sober and luxurious line that have conquered the American women of major prestige and elegance.

The collection presented by the most valued Colombian models, was in the “Center of Events a Vale of the Pacific Ocean” of the city of Calí in which there gave themselves appointment more than 1.500 persons who applauded this 72-year-old creator who has differed for there remained faithful an ideal of ultra-feminine and brilliant woman. The night suits were some of the most out-standing creations. For some sound preferred of the couturier. ”The night suit thinks - there is always a combination of romanticism, luxury and mystery, a very appetizing challenge for a couturier and for the woman a way of highlighting his personality”.

Oscar de la Renta, who began his professional trajectory in Spain, is praised by refined and serene esthetics. His ideas on the elegance are very personal “In against the opinion about many-afirma-creo that the elegance is not anything with what is born but it develops along the life and has to do, especially, with the discipline with which it is lived and with the personal projection”.
In a press conference before to the opening of the new cycle of “Dialogues Catalunya and Esade” celebrated in Barcelona, the General manager of Handle, Enric Casi, told that the signature supports, in spite of the crisis, his target to reach 3.000 shops in eight years what supposes a rhythm of 200 annual openings. He affirmed that the sales of the company in 2009 will be equal or perhaps they will overcome lightly those of the previous exercise.

The director of this Catalan signature – that together with Zara are those who have a major international projection - spoke also about the new pledges line “low cost” that Handle has thrown lately in his shops and made sure that, against what many people believe, the mark does not obtain his biggest sales with the diffusion of his cheapest basic pledges, but precisely with his models and more sophisticated and avant-garde products. He made sure that the Handle clientele prefers an attractive product and of “last tendency” although he supposes a major economic investment that is compensated by the illusion that they are capable of creating in the buyer.

Handle has his center of operations in Palau Solita and Plegamans, in province of Barcelona. His shops network is formed at present by more than 1.300 establishments between own and exemption and his creations are distributed to 93 countries of the world.
El Corte Ingles is collaborating in the campaign “Shoe Aids for Africa”, sponsored by the products for the Kiwi wearing shoes, in order to gather new or secondhand shoes destined for children of Cameroon, Malawi, Mozambique and South Africa.

The project “Shoe Aids for Africa” had a big success in the past edition of 2006, since it helped to distribute approximately 100.000 pairs of shoes for persons needed from Africa. Now, with the collaboration of the star of the soccer, the native of Cameroon Samuel Eto'o, this number wants to excel itself. The first country in which this collection has begun is Spain, to that they will continue other countries of Europe and the United States up to the ending of the campaign in June, 2010.

In all the centers of El Corte Ingles and Hipercor they have installed to themselves containers of collection of footwear until November 30.
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