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Until April 15 there exists the opportunity to visit in Paris the exhibition “Voyages extraordinaires” who supposes a trip for several creations of the designer Yves Saint Laurent and the countries that served to him as inspiration: China, Morocco, Russia, Spain... The exhibition Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge is installed in the places of the Foundation in a mansion next to the Elysian Fields that was in other times the headquarters of the couturier and where there keep more than 5000 garments of High fashion that saw the light in this house. The whole nostalgia world about an icon of the fashion that on January 22 presented a parade as a trip with hindsight of all his creations, a nice brooch of gold for one of the most shining careers and of major influence in the fashion of last decades.
To give the size yes, but... of a unified and real form. The women complain that in a certain shop 40 could take the size and in other one they need it... 44. After the agreement reached by Health and the big companies of clothes to homogenize the sizes, it has passed to the action. It has begun the campaign to obtain the size of the Spanish women with an experimental test that it indicates like the first squares Madrid, Tarancon (Cuenca) and Quartell (Valencia) but it will reach to 60 Spanish localities during the whole year 2007. 8.500 women selected in whole will have to get in a cabin inside which, across the laser, information will take in three dimensions of his body.
The mythical footbridge of Madrid is already provided with his edition number 45. This time the proposals for the autumn - winter 2007-08 have come to us from the hand of 35 designers between veterans and new promises. It has attracted attention few Spanish models who were representing in the parades that, as in the previous edition, they have taken the Park of the Good Retirement as a stage. The Footbridge has showed us a fashion essentially dyed of black who has allowed to be conquered in many cases by the nostalgia of the seam of Balenciaga. They have shone the eternal glamor and well to do of Elio Berhanyer, the coloristic magic of Aghata Ruiz of the Prada penetrating into the world of the sport, the stylistic category of Jesus del Pozo, magnificent and structured seam of Miguel Palacio and the imaginative designs of Victorio and Luchino. The award L'Oreal to the best collection of the young designers was for the duo The Thin Buil two girls with imagination and with desire that filled the footbridge of white pledges over-side and fringe of all the sizes. In the next number of Asmoda we will report of all the innovations and tendencies presented in Cibeles for the next autumn - winter.
The spring arrival colors the nature... The collection LLOYD'S of El Corte Ingles presents his tendencies being based on the color. The white, big protagonist of the fashion of this period, together with the rose and the tones stone they form the principal axis of this collection. The nautical tendency returns with his fresh combinations in red, white and marine and the raw natural colors, sand and browns are mixed between if. The blue and white ones form another topic of the collection using the joui toile as a pattern. And finally the magic of the