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The Festival Rock in in addition to being a thematic park of the music and of the entertainment El Corte Ingles has bet Rio - Madrid in the latter edition for the fashion with the “Space Fashion” created to bring over to the public the next autumn - winter tendencies. The space for the parades, programmed for June 28 and July 4 and 5, is of more than 100 square meters inside the City of the Rock and they are provided with the participation of models of the size of Martina Klein, Ariadne Artiles and Andrés Velencoso between others.

The taking part fashionable signatures are U of Adolfo Domínguez, Pepe Jeans, Tommy Hilfiger, Unequally, Studio Classics, Green Coast Yera and Emidio Tucci and like collaborators the signature of jewelry shop Dijous and that of shoe shop Gloria Ortiz. In addition to this space El Corte Ingles counts with the meeting point the “Space Chill-Out” 1.000 m. for the performance of the group of music “To back light” selected between the participants of the contest “Double Zero” to discover new talents Rock in Rio - Madrid.

The City of the Rock, placed in Arganda of the King, offers more than 200.000 m of diversion for the assistants and has turned into a big communication vehicle to make aware the society on the climate change and to modify his behavior in due time a day. Rock in Rio, which is characterized for undertaking a social commitment with the country that he visits, will destine a percentage of his edition in Madrid to Spanish projects related to the climate change and that take the education of the citizens as a principal target on this problem.
This is the title of the exhibition inaugurated in the Museum of the Suit of Madrid that will remain opened until August 31. One treats as a homage the big teachers of the seam of the XXth century re-interpreted and spent by the creative sifter of the current designers. Organized by the Association Aris Nova the exhibition does a historical trip for the fashion of last decades.

It is possible to admire 20 icons that the designers bring to the actuality across his pledges lines or more significant colors. Ailanto re-interprets the feminine smoquin of Saint Laurent, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada the garment of level of mesh of Paco Rabanne, Francis Montesinos re-lives through Paul Poiret, through Ion Fiz to Elio Berhanyer. Along with the fashion-plates of the current designers the illustrations of Harold Cañizares are exhibited in that there turn out to be represented 20 main pieces of the history of the fashion of the XXth century.

As homage to recently deceased Yves Saint Laurent, the Museum of the Suit has selected of between his funds eight very significant models of this big designer placed in the entry of the sample. It is a question of a memory of some of the big successes of Saint Laurent from 1960 until 1990. Between them we see his famous Saharan ones, up to the models of strong ethnic and folkloric content treated with all the mastery with which the designer could handle the color. Also it is possible to admire an audio-visual assembly on his life that is projected on a big screen.
I International Congress of Fashion CIM 2008 begins already to warm engines facing October 22. The Scientific Committee has read nearly 100 communications come from diverse parts of the world: Spain, Brazil, Italy, Germany, France, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Sweden.

Since only there is place to exhibit 10, it is possible reading / reading to imagine the difficult thing that the selection has proved, because they all are the most interesting. The rest of the chosen ones will be published in the Minutes of the CIM. It is necessary to emphasize the extraordinary answer of Brazil, which has presented 30 communications originated from different Universities and Centers of Art and Design.

The points of view are very diverse, what gives an idea of the relationships that has the fashion with the art, the culture, the company, the mass media or the environment. Some touch sociological aspects like “The normalized elegance. Magazines and manuals of behavior partners of the woman at the end of the XIXth century”, or historical like “The forms of dressing in Cuba during the colony”. Others, from the impact mediático like “The languages of the Fashion show”, “the International Footbridges as reflex of business models”, or “The difficulties of the fashionable journalism”. The point of view of the environment is present in several communications: "Design, Fashion and Wardrobe towards a production sustentable”; and others emphasize the economic or managerial contribution like the alumnus “After the creative and managerial talent of the founders: is a "familiar" textile company viable in the following generation?".

Other branches of the world of the fashion are present in studies on “The esthetics in the fashionable photo”, “The anthropometric and ergonomic measurements for a comfort in dressing”. “The fashion and the future”, “The fashion in the digital culture” or “The stages of the fashion in the XXIst century”.

On the other hand, the Organizing Committee composed by members of the Top Center of Design of Fashion of the Polytechnical University of Madrid and of the Association Fashion, University and Company, organizers of the event, have analyzed the requests come to gain access to one of ten scholarships, granting him five to investigative young people and five to students.
The origin of the movie “Sex in New York”, released recently in Spain, is the American series that was expressed in the chain HBO from 1998 until 2004. The series was counting the history of four single women who were patrolling the forties and who were living obsessed with the fashion, the love and the sex. The acidic tone was put by the narrator, a journalist with a weekly column on the sexual customs of the neoyorkinos. While some saw in the series an avant-garde look on the femininity and rompedora of taboos, others were criticizing precisely the painful image of a woman removed from the reality and "thrown enough", although it was dressing of mark.

Four years later Michael Patrick King, one of the scriptwriters and the director of several chapters, directs and produces the movie based on the series. The tape inherits from the series the leading role of the fashion - more than 80 garments for Sarah Jessica Parker - the compulsive consumerism, a frivolity that stands out for his respects, and a high sexual voltage - more measured that in the series but the same way coarse - in conversations and scenes.

The protagonists keep on being equal of hysterics, but there is something showy: what in the series was a portrait of four is devoured by it men, been delighted of his liberal lacking in commitment, it ends up by being in the movie a praise to the close family, to the maternity and to the loyalty. What stays, in the middle of an insulting superficiality, is simple: four women who, although they speak about sex, need other things … and not precisely a few "manolos". Small discovery.
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