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who are we
The fashion is an expression of us ourselves, of our meaning of life, of our personality, of our culture and of our history.
ASMODA is born like an initiative of “Fashion, University and Company”, an Association arisen in the year 1997, which has directed his activities to encourage the fashion as a culture of the beauty and of the dignity of the person, promoting a forum of communication and debate on fashion and supporting the professional training of all that they intervene in the design, company and fashionable communication.

If you wish more information about the Association Fashion, University and Company you can visit his web page in

They do the Magazine:
Director: Josefina Figueras.
Assistant director: Bale Castile.
Director of Communication: Maria Pérez Eusebio.
Artistic director: Patricia Aljure.
RR.PP: Elizabeth Alonso.
Writer - chief: Mercedes Álvarez.
Writer - chief (young Asmoda): Mercedes Barroso.
Writing: Cristina Ruiz (USA), Julia Sáenz of Angle, Marosa Montañés (Valencia), Isa Boet, Paula Gárgoles, Maria Candela Temes, Patricia Sañes (Barcelona), Montse Bros (Barcelona), Mª José F. Serra, Gabriela Fockt, Paola Timore (Italy), Gemma Piñana (Paris), Maria Gatón.
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