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For: José F. Serra
What takes? What proposes the fashion to us for the period autumn - winter? He takes note of the last innovations, of those strong points that appear in the proposals of the best designers. There is imposed a change of look as the rules and surprises that the new station offers to us. The tendencies do winks a 40s and a showy coloring alternates with the incombustible elegance of the entire black.
THE TAILOR is a domineering element. Tailors with straight skirt in the only textile or with the skirt and the jacket in different textile or in different color. THE BLAZER is one of the protagonists of the fashion. It appears in most of the collections with his tone ponible and functionally. Some jackets take a few discreet shoulder pads. The overcoats it continues
September, 2007
The footbridges have yielded to his elegance. The black is omnipresent in the collections of Paris, Milan, New York. Also it one of his favorites has declared the Spanish fashion. It is already not only the color of the most dressed hours but sandal attends all the fields of the fashion. Of course, where it is more in his sauce it is when it gets together with embroideries, pleating or brilliant accessories.
July / ago 2007
Imaginative and coloristic esthetics take possession of the fashion for the bath. This year the entire swimsuit sticks loudly and gives samples of an extraordinary versatility: elegant, monochrome, two-color, retro, ethnic, fluorescent... The designers have incorporated it into his collections together with caftantes, pareos and accessories of last generation: Quite to point for the long-awaited holidays!
June, 2007
The look is fundamental for the today man. There has been imposed a new conception of the masculine elegance, on the one hand with classic tones for other with an informal and chic relaxation at the same time. The tendencies for the spring - summer 2007 are based on a more attentive style to the details, to the colors, to the textiles and to the forms.
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