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For: José F. Serra
There is no doubt that the way of dressing is the language of the body and an expression of the spirit that it is necessary to adapt to the different epochs and circumstances. But: do a few "laws of the game" exist? In this fashion full of lines and varied and contradictory styles that we have seen once again in the collections: are there any norms that come out of the tendencies of the moment to settle in the world of the good manners, of the opportunity or of the respect?
The success that some rules of the protocol have at present and especially the biggest importance that happens to the personal values in different orders of the life they reach to the proper image and to the way of being related to the others. The most recent surveys between the companies reveal a change of attitudes to us. To the títul margin
September, 2009
The shade of the crisis has penetrated: how not? in the world of the fashion … but there have arisen voices of those who believe in the enormous power of the creativity and the work to frighten the bad auguries. The big ones of the High fashion of Paris have tried desdibujar the bogey of the crisis exceeding sumptuousness and coming to his most spectacular and creative resources to demonstrate that the crisis does not go with them. Will they have obtained it? At the moment we have at sight his illusion and his courage.
July, 2009
To the fashion it has been corrected often of frivolous and superficial but the things are changing... We read often informations that reveal to us a new and interesting facet of the fashion: his united worry. The big signatures of the luxury and also others with less projection and resources, prepare to collect funds across his products to fight the social injustices of a world that needs help to mitigate his tremendous lacks. Are we before the first steps of a much more responsible fashion?
June, 2009
It is the postmodern thing, beauty, and you cannot do anything on this matter! The famous phrase of Humphrey Bogart has escaped from me in the movie “The last threat“ to introduce the topic of up to where there has come, at present, the fashion as reflex of the convulsions of our society. Volume borrowed the sociologist Gilles Lipovetsky a few words to define the fashion: "A way of perpetuating a mythical way of thinking in the heart of the cultures mercantilists and desacralizadas“. But does it stay yet a little of mythical in the today fashion?
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