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For: Mercedes Álvarez
Wonderful pieces of commercial jewelry shop and of high costume jewelry, gifts and all kinds of fashionable complements, hearth and trips, they have joined in Giftrends, big commercial event of Ifema, which includes three very related fairs: Intergift, Iberjoya and Bisutex. For reasons of space and of efficacy, they coincide with this edition with the International Lounge of Fashion of Madrid (SIMM), constituting this way the only event as for the fashion, accessories and complements.
Giftrends is already the big commercial event in the sectors of the Gift, the Jewelry shop and the Costume jewelry in our country, between the 4th to February 8 in Fair of Madrid. In his frame they interlace of simultaneous form the International Lounge of the Gift (Intergift); the International Lounge of the Costume jewelry and the Complements (Bisutex), and
January, 2010
The impulse that Michelle Obama is giving to the North American fashion makes us throw a glance to the creations “made in USA”. Those who are lucky to go to the Big Apple in the next months will be able to pass for the Exhibition “American Beauty“, located in Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) of New York, and admire straight approximately 80 pledges of American designers.
December, 2009
The daily footwear gives to sculptress Almudena Arment the pretext to look at the reality that surrounds us from the surrealistic perspective of a heel, of a mold or of an instep. His shoes - sculptures provoke a smile and a reflection. During the whole mesde December and until January 23, puedencontemplar in the Room Third Space of Madrid
November, 2009
The Pavilion 5 of the Fair of Madrid has received a new edition of the contest “The thousand and weddings” organized for IFEMA for the first time. The whole world of products and wedding services and an important appointment for the fiancés who are going to marry in next dates. The statisticians say to us that the year 2008 200.000 marriages were celebrated in Spain close and that the expense of a wedding represents an average for 18.350 Euros.
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