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For: Mercedes Álvarez
Eighty dedicated years to embellish the woman are evident. Decisively, it is another history inside the current panorama of Spanish designers; it leaves of the norm because it has never been in her. It remains neither in the tendencies, nor the color, nor in the politically correct forms: he is Elio Berhanyer, the last mohicano. Partner and successor of the big ones of the seam, has been able to adapt himself to the times that they cover.
What is it possible to say about Elio Berhanyer and about his glamorous proposal for the spring, but it has the stamp of the brilliant couturier? The flower excellently, the rose taken by each of the models was the whole simbología of what he wanted to transmit: elegance, sophistication, color and a lot of femininity. A claim of the tall costur
January, 2010
His collection spring - summer takes the dressed one as a principal protagonist. Miguel Palacio has created an imaginative collection but ponible. Games of volumes and a silhouette of marked but narrow shoulder pads and with certain oriental air. The waist is marked by wide corseletes and belts - jewels with embroideries. An elegant, urban collection and of elaborate style that fits to the motto of the designer “to Look for the perfection of the clothes as something natural”
December, 2009
Tones pastries and gilded they alternate with the white glacier and tones ivories to create a vitalist and romantic proposal in rich textiles like the velvet of silk, the gauze, the cashmere and the wool and the brocaded and brilliant details. It is the proposal for this winter 2009/10 presented by Ralph Lauren in New York
November, 2009
A luxurious, favoring collection, which plays with the contrasts sheen / mate and breadth / strait. The Venezuelan designer is the whole teacher as for the election of textures and the combination of colors in his proposal for the winter period.
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