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For: Mercedes Álvarez
Also they have ahead a happy and vitalist station. What there is this spring - summer in the masculine fashion it turns concerning three very pronounced aspects, which undoubtedly triumph this year: the seaworthy look, the return to the Italian classicism of the 50s and the traveling - sports style. We have seen these tendencies in the new and exquisite collection of spring - summer of the designer milanés Emidio Tucci, that good-looking period after period for the serviceability, the flexibility and the naturalness in the textiles, without never forgetting the good taste and the everlasting elegance of the classic thing. The Italian signature is commercialized of exclusive form in El Corte Ingles.
Celebrities as Carl Lewis, Sylvester Stallone, Andy García and George Clooney have led some of the advertizing campaigns of Emidio Tucci, like symbols of the man who knows what he wants and what loves the distinction and the serviceability. They would take, without doubting it, the tendencies that this new period marks. Navy LookEl seaworthy style
April, 2008
Not only the blood falters with the spring, the fashion does not resist to the delight of the new station either. The tendencies spring - summer assault the closets with new proposals according to the days of the sun and with the vitalist tone of the nature. Sign up the new looks that remove colors and styles, they suggest revivals of the past and show us futurist visions. Quite according to the cánones that mark the footbridges that later you will be able to select in accordance with your personal style.
March, 2008
The Footbridge Cibeles keeps on growing. In this edition, 37 designers have given us a vision of the fashion autumn - winter, although the months that are still missing they will be tinting details and will polishing edges. At the moment the key proposals are: the line moves between the romanticism and the architectural forms. The purple one and the blue dyes, with interfering of the yellow one and of the red one, there are the triumphant colors along with the force of the black like eternal proposal. It continues the duo of the success: white person and black. The garment is the pledge it covers with stars. Important shoulders, belts and corseletes “jewel“ highest, heels and platforms, and the skirt gaining the game to the pants.
February, 2008
It has been one very special week. On the one hand dyed of nostalgia for Valentino's retreat after 45 years of wasting elegance and creativity and for other the welcome to Josep Font, the Spanish designer who has taken to the footbridge of Paris the magic and poetry of his fashion. And like always this touch of teatralidad and of exoticism that acomapaña to the High fashion and mark tendencies from the most exclusive sectors of the fashion.
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