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For: Mercedes Álvarez
“Coconut, from the rebelliousness to the Chanel legend” it is the storied title for the biography on the young years of the brilliant French seamstress, Gabrielle Chanel, from his years of orphan-asylum in Aubazine until it begins to triumph in Paris. The director of the movie, Anne Fontaine, said that it was trying “to discover the interior Coconut life when it was young, poor, without education, but already with a slightly common impressive personality in a woman of his epoch“.
To reconstruct these young years of Chanel, Fontaine bases on the biography of Edmonde Charles-Roux, LIrrégulière, in which Coconut nicknamed this way by a coplilla that alumnus He lost to Cocó was singing, my dear dog - is a girl of strong, unconformist genius, although capricious and a little unbalanced, that wants to go out as it is of p
June, 2009
At the end of April, the Walk of Grace of Barcelona turned into the shop window of the proposals of ten finalists to the Button of Oro-Fashion Award of Handle. His designs were exhibited on foot of street, fusing with the pother of the city, to put the binomial fashion - creation within reach of all. A few days later, the Hangar of Handle, the creative center that the Catalan mark has to the outskirts of the Barcelona, dressed itself of gala to receive the delivery of II golden Button.
May, 2009
Eighteen parades, between which they were representing creations of top designers of the Spanish fashion, have led the first edition of “Cibeles Madrid Fiancées” celebrated during the 23rd and 24th of April. The fashion has showed us what it reserves for the fiancées in an immediate future. Designs of romantic air, silks, brocades, organzas, silver adornments and crystal, frills, bonds and a wink to decades previous to the purest style vintage. The traditional pure white color coexists with the broken target, the crude oil and subtle tones of the beige and of the gray.
April, 2009
The footbridge 080 Barcelona Fashion has celebrated his third edition. For three days, we could have appreciated the work of young talents in the Italian Pavilion of the Fira, turned into a big transparent hothouse with temperatures of more than 20 grades. 080 Barcelona has been born with the posicionarse intention internationally like a platform independent from design and avant-garde that promotes the work of emergent designers.
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