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For: Josefina Figueras
There has lived through Madrid the first International Congress of Fashion organized by the association “Fashion, University and Company” - publisher of "asmoda" - together with the School of fashionable Design of the Polytechnical University. In the section “Culture“ you will be explained in detail all the acts of the Congress, but there are two important conclusions to be emphasized of these days of reflection and debate: 1st Spain is at a height of the big countries in which the fashion is a modality cultural and 2nd the Congress has extracted all the enormous cultural, ethical and social references that the fashion has.
At this point we all are conscious of that the fashion does not move only in frivolous and peripheral parameters but his implications include a series of declarations firmly deeply rooted in the social textile. And these implications are that the Congress has done presents in his conferences and debates... It was tackled the first day
October, 2008
“We do not want the anorexia in our footbridges. We want healthy models.” This way of forceful there was expressing to herself the president of the Community of Madrid, Hope Aguirre, during the presentation in the Real House of Post office of 48 edition of the Footbridge Cibeles that already has a new name “Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week”. It showed that it was following in foot the commitment to spread a healthy image of the models who parade and that kept on being a norm of forced fulfillment, as it happens already from September, 2006, that the models have a corporal mass concerning 18.
September, 2008
The elegance feeds on the interior patrimony of the person, of the aptitude to contemplate the beautiful thing with all the emotions that this produces, but also of the rationality that allows a critical evaluation and a consistent search. The elegant person is not that that dresses himself according to an established classicism, but that one that makes the innovation, also fashionable his, with a balance that does not make her "be fashionable" but be absolutely modern and severely elegantly.
July, 2008
A pompous article recently in the magazine British "elle" was speaking on the "conscience" of the fashion. A topic that might be summed up in the question: can the fashion improve the world? It is a question of reflecting on if the fashion is something frivolous that has to serve to escape and not “to make aware us”, or if the designers must make use of the enormous aftereffect mediática of the fashion to try to improve the world. A determined attention to his messages will serve to calibrate the influence that across his collections they can exercise on the current society.
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