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For: Josefina Figueras
In his epoch she was the most controversial, original and provocative fashionable designer. The inspiration of Elsa Schiaparelli (1890-1973) had no limits and his relation with the surrealistic movement broke the barrier that the art and the fashion were separating. Now she is one of the principal protagonists of the exhibition “Things of the surrealism” that is exhibited in the Museum Guggenheim of Bilbao that will remain opened until September 7.
The Schiaparelli pieces are part of the 250 that exhibit in the museum related to the design, the interior design the scene and the fashion influenced by the surrealism. In them there can be appreciated the brilliant art of this seamstress who designed clothes, hats, shoes, jewels, and who introduced a new vocabulary in the way of dressing of l
April, 2008
The whole world has given for fact that a history similar to the excellent one is “27 garments” “The devil dresses of Prada”, but the true thing is that it does not look alike to him in anything. Only they have in common his scriptwriter, Aline Brosh McKenna, who in this second movie does a less elaborated enough work. He has reminded me to me much more to the delightful comedy “The wedding of my best friend”, led by Julia Roberts y Cameron Díaz in 1997, but to which it does not come not at a height of the shoe. Of her it copies enough details, like the affectionate triangle, the situation of the one who must be a bridesmaid in a wedding in which his lover marries other one or the memorable scene of the song unexpected and chorused by the whole place.
March, 2008
The textiles, the suits, the garments are plastically much sugerentes like material manipulable and derivative towards a few conceptual artistic pieces. Hélène Picard, French artist placed in Spain for a decade has presented a surprising exhibition of sculptures and paintings – practically facilities - in the Museum of the Suit of Madrid.
February, 2008
Laura Márquez is one of our designers of jewels more excellent. It is conciente of the importance that it has the called “author's jewel”, personalized and signed, opposite to the classic or serial one. The ideal thing is to have a jeweler with diverse signatures as a painting collection is had with different authors. Letizia Ortiz, before marrying the Prince of Asturias, was a client of Laura Márquez, designer who exhibits his pieces in the Jewelry shop / gallery of the street of Madrid of San Bernardo.
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