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For: Julia Sáez-Angulo
Several current jewels designers have given themselves appointment with the public in the capital of Spain. Lianne Katsuki, the President of the “Association author's Jewel” that summons them mostly, advocates a few pieces that have the only stamp and a prestige signature...
Between the jewels diseadores espaoles more excellent are, Chus Burés, Lover Brahojos, Laura Márquez, Charo Marín, Mercedes Reigada, Carmen Zulueta, Sonia Zea, Maria Castro, Javier Fernández, Emma Herrero, Elisenda Santacreu, Joaquim Reims, etc. The act of creating is what more brings the man over like a div
March, 2007
Fleeing of the pursuit Nazi, the marriage Anni and Robert Albers fled to the United States and from there they traveled to Spanish America, where they studied and re-prepared his plastic creations.
December, 2006
The Museum of the Suit of Madrid has acquired recently jewels of two Spanish designers: the of Madrid one, Carmen Zulueta and the Valencian one, Charo Marín.
November, 2006
Cruela of Vile, I say, Miranda Priestly is the writer - chief of Runway, a prestigious fashionable American magazine. The Runway writing is the most similar thing to a footbridge, where the journalists - models parade to the sound of the music of his despotic chief.
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