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For: Gabriela Fockt
The collection prêt-à-porter Spring - summer of Carolina Herrera, the Venezuelan designer settled down in New York, moves inside his peculiar elegance and in his slope more llevable and urban.
It is directed especially for women who want to continue a feminine and elegant style without allowing to block for the domineering tendencies but inside the main lines that mark the fashion it gives the period. Carolina Herrera is a strong point of the luxurious market, but another face of his production, much more accessible, she has contributed to unlike
January, 2007
The collection autumn - winter presented in Cibeles for this santanderino that left the legal profession for the fashion, continues in the cánones of its own style. Ángel Schlesser is a designer who looks more for the functionality that the impact and his models contribute a stamp of modernity and good taste to the basic and elementary pledges that every woman thinks about how to have in his closet.
December, 2006
Let's see a Miguel Palacio bet for a way of dressing elegant and urban that speaks to the one who can appreciate the well made pledges and demands quality.
November, 2006
Jesus del Pozo is a romantic and personal creator with a rare intuition to obtain a few geometric and essential designs that rarely fit to the conventional tendencies of the moment. His collection for the winter 2006-07 shows us a few subtle pledges, without false abundance, with his inevitable oriental touch.
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