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For: José F. Serra
The look is fundamental for the today man. There has been imposed a new conception of the masculine elegance, on the one hand with classic tones for other with an informal and chic relaxation at the same time. The tendencies for the spring - summer 2007 are based on a more attentive style to the details, to the colors, to the textiles and to the forms.
The suit continues fearlessly in the masculine guardaropa. That of this spring is with gray preference in all his tones. The jackets are shy. There are imposed those of line cut low with one or two buttons. If it has two it is done up only of above. Straight pants, leaving for the sports ones a major largeness. They triumph the American
April, 2007
The collections of 35 designers who paraded in the last Cibeles edition, dyed the black's footbridge. It is seen that the “entire black” will be the touch of domineering glamor of next autumn - winter, the common note of a fashion that moves between memories of previous decades, futurist visions and romantic fits.
March, 2007
There has come the moment to discover all the lines, inspirations and colors that the fashion offers us for the next period. There risks the victory of an elegant style that gets in the paths of the romanticism with white tones, pastries and light textiles but with fits of a futurism that slips in in the most avant-garde collections. The luck this throw. Only it is lacking to be able to choose.
January, 2007
A new period is insinuated in the horizon and it is necessary to renew the closet facing the cold temperatures.
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