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For: Mercedes Álvarez
The Italian signature Emidio Tucci, commercialized of exclusive form for El Corte Ingles, contains the extract of the active, elegant and current man, marking tendency and always ahead. The winter collection diversifies in diverse lines: elegant, sport and free time, full of character, design and style. There are a sure value and the clearest example of the routes that continues at present the masculine fashion.
Elegancia:Camisas of dressing of impeccable workmanship in clear tones, target, cream and rosé. The suits, with vest or without him, come in classic tones: marengo, gray steel, toastings and green olive, with pictures the Prince of Wales and diplomatic streak. Silk ties in streak or pictures. The topic your Misura offers textiles and workmanships for co
December, 2009
The holidays approach and the fashion becomes dazzling. The round sheen of the spangles and the metallized ones along with the most discreet of the sateen, they mark the tendencies. The garments sign up to the new volumes, to the miscellany of textiles, to the magic of the gathers and the drapeados. The black color, winter king, is illuminated by color fits and leaves a margin for the vitalism of the red one and of the purple, green and blue tones. The Spanish fashion shows us his most festive face for a few only days.
November, 2009
The international calendar has touched to his end. The Weeks of the Fashion have bet for the tendencies spring - summer 2010. New York was taken down by 70 parades, Milan with 84 and Paris with 94. Paris was once again “the golden brooch” of the fashion and his collections were located in places as emblematic as the School of Fine arts, him Palais Chaillot or they Jardins des Tuilleries. Tendencies for all the tastes: barroquismo, pop-art, bucolic details, oriental influence. A fashion in which there is of everything and for all.
October, 2009
The overcoat manages epatar to all his substitutes to be the indisputable winter king again. It signs up to the new proportions and volumes and does not avoid the most chic details not more bold that it marks the fashion. The most classic textiles or the most avant-garde fibres turn into his Allied Forces. Everything joins to give a new look to the overcoats 2010, capable of defying any climate change.
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